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screen printing fabric

Early last December, I attended a screen printing workshop conducted by Hocus Prints Manila. I left the session gazing at wider horizons and endless possibilities. I felt like I could conquer the world.

*aherm* There I go again, being dramatic. Seriously, though, do you have any idea how happy I am thinking that I can print my own fabric? My first love is sewing. I dabble in all kinds of crafts but I am a sewing enthusiast and I am positively ecstatic about making my own fabric.

I have  photos of our first batch below.

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green screen printed constellation purses

Last year, I made these zodiac constellation purses for my handmade shop.

They were popular but I encountered a problem in the demand-supply department. While a lot of people were quite smitten with the constellation concept, the fact that they were somewhat personalized (zodiac and all that) was not good for sales. I had more than a dozen inquiries about a Taurus design but I managed to make only two.

Segue: At the risk of sounding positively loony, I was wondering if people of certain star signs attract other people sharing said star sign. I am Taurus and well, like I said, I had a good number of inquiries from people born under the bull sign. So, er… Taureans UNITE! Heh. Just a thought.

So anyway, for this year, I wanted to continue the constellation idea but I had to do away with the limiting zodiac concept. And so I went with the general starry sky look. 

The zodiac constellation purses have sewn details. This new version are screen printed.

Alas, I managed to make only six because I am still trying to figure out green film screen printing. Cutting out the design is the easiest part. Adhering said design to the screen is another matter altogether. My first attempt went stellar; the succeeding ones, not so much.

In other words, the new constellation purses ended up being as limited edition as last year’s zodiac ones. Life is funny that way.

I listed some of the zodiac purses for sale on the online shop, THIMBLECAP.

The rest will be available this weekend at the CIS Christmas Bazaar at Marco Polo Cebu (Nov. 29 – 30).