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saturday plans: sit on the iron throne

That’s right, this Saturday will see my behind resting on this here iron throne.

If ever it finds itself vacant and not hosting other guests of the Medieval Day, that is. The organizers of Medieval Day, crazy creative people that they are, have outdone themselves. They made this star of the Game of Thrones Tribute show and it’s looking mighty magnificent. Everyone who plans on going to the event has expressed excitement over this throne and possibly sitting on it for a second or two. And take photos, of course.

Because really, IT. IS. GLORIOUS. The best part? It’s a throne of toys!

Paling in comparison to the work of art above are some of the items I’ve made for the handmade fair. I made sure to focus on stamp printed fabric that most of the event-goers will hopefully appreciate. You know, geeky goodness and all that.

stark and targaryen sigil purses

darth vader purse

I also found about half a meter of khaki twill in my fabric cabinet and that led to some delicious stamp printing, too. They turned out so fantastic that I might just work exclusively with this fabric from now on. It’s not like I have pledged loyalty to canvas or anything, you know?

tardis purse and tote bag

mad hatter tote bag

For those who live in Cebu and want to catch Medieval Day, check out the poster below:

Iron throne photo credits: Happy Garaje

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something neon this way comes

One of the tenets of this thing I like to call Meream’s Mystical and Magical Guide to Life is that


This is not, in any way, an excuse to be passive or not to exert any effort at all. In fact, another principle included in the aforementioned guide says something about working your b*tt off, wisely. Because when you do, and you do so wisely, the work itself becomes the reward and the bonus? The bonus is that things fall into place.

Yes, I know, it’s confusing. This explains why I’m the only one who subscribes to my Guide to Life. Heh.

One of the recent examples of things falling into place in my life is this current design collaboration. This is with a local company that is admirable in its principles and products. I will blog about them soon. For now, a sneak peek into what I am making for them:

It’s messy work but this is happiness. There is nothing forced and false about the process of carving a stamp and using it to make beautiful fabric. And every step of turning said printed fabric into a purse or a bag feels right. Even when some things go wrong (misprints and pin pricks, anyone?).

I have several dozens more of these purses to sew. The following week is shaping up to be one of the busiest as well because we have the Medieval Day to prepare for. No regrets. I can feel things falling into place.

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will go medieval on yo’ S

And by S, I am talking about SUMMER.

The creative people behind Folk Fiction and Happy Garaje are organizing a Medieval Day and it’s looking like it’s going to be one for the history books.


I was just lamenting that there are not that many handmade fairs (or bazaars, for that matter) happening in the city. But a day after the last bazaar we joined, we got a message from the organizers of Medieval Day and the rest, as they say, is history.

Inspired by the Game of Thrones Tribute exhibit that will also be happening at the event, I carved the following stamps. Turned them into fabric using textile ink. Their last stop will be pouches, of course. 

Stay tuned for updates!

DIY stamp printed purses

Sometimes, on the road to a certain goal, some unsavory things happen. At this point, you have three options: 1) keep at it until you reach said goal, 2) wallow in your misery, or 3) do what you can with the resources you have and aim for a new goal.

On my road to construct clapperboard purses (lower right one HERE), I hit roadblocks that were certain to make any sewing-enthusiast question every choices she has made in her life. At least, that’s what I did.

Thankfully, there was a voice in my head that threatened to unleash hell if I didn’t use the interfacing and fabric that I already cut. This is how the stamped purses were born. The first batch were these flat ones. I used the black fabric (back of the purses below) and interfacing that I had prepared for the clapperboard purses.

They turned out so cute that I had to make more. The ones with bottom look extra nice.

These purses will be debuting at the Eskina! bazaar today.