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The second installment to our crafty wear series is a tribute to Black Flag. THIS is the first.

It turned out delicious.




I admit that I had reservations about the shirts when we got them from the printer. We said we wanted white shirt but we got them in heather gray. But when I tried one at home, all reservations went out the window.

I’ve been using my shoulder bag a lot these days. It’s perfect for craft supply shopping, see:


These Black Thread goodies are available HERE.

thimblecap has joined the assembly

And by that, I mean THE ASSEMBLY, ZeroThreeTwo‘s store.

My items, however, will not be listed on their online shop, but in the physical one. Which is really all sorts of exciting because I can now say that Thimblecap has penetrated the mall. *squeeeeeeee*

The Assembly by ZeroThreeTwo is located at JY Square Mall in Lahug. It’s right between LBC and Watson’s.




Here are the items I have on display: DSC_4598

The stack at the bottom are notepad purses.


And a photo of me sewing the items above, during that one stormy last week:


Aside from The Assembly, I also have purses on display at The Chillage.

As I type this, I think about the many ways with which we can expand the reach of Thimblecap. I am imagining days of working my butt off, lugging materials around from downtown stores, drinking a gallon of coffee each week, and pretty much loving every single step. Insert second delighted squeal here.

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They’re here! 

Okay, HERE is a little explanation for the excited tone. To say that I am thrilled about these new additions to the shop is an understatement. This time, we are going beyond handmade. We are taking another step to carry the flag of handmade.


Thimblecap celebrates the makers, builders, and washi tape hoarders. We salute those who make their own jewelry, sew their own clothes, make their own shelves, and bind the books to put on said shelves. We raise our flags to those who reuse, recycle, and refashion.

Here’s to crafters of all kinds — people whose days are besieged with pin pricks, paper cuts, perpetually paint-smudged hands, and unfinished stories.

Thimblecap Print DIYorDIE shirts-square-sm

Thimblecap Print DIYorDIE bag-square-sm



Dark blue print on heather gray || Comes in baby tee or regular fit style || 100% cotton

Thimblecap Print DIYorDIE shirt-sm


White print on black || Made of bull denim twill || With turquoise polka dot lining || Two interior pockets || Zipped closure

Thimblecap Print DIYorDIE bag-sm

The shoulder bags will be sewn by me. On top of these shirts and bags, prints will be made available, too. Imagine an art print of this design hanging in your craft room. Nice, right?

We shall be launching these print Thimblecap merchandise this weekend, May 31 to June 1 at the HYPERCEBU fair. Here are more info about the event:  



Let’s get bored, crafty, and social:
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