the beach in 3d

And by that, I don’t mean the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. I am referring to 3D cardboard letters. That spell BEACH.

This is what I was making a couple of days ago. This was a craft commission for a baby shower. On top of BEACH, I also made 3D cardboard letters that spelled BABY. And a wee 3D cardboard fish, too.

Here are some process photos:




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cut and paint and write

We were at Robinson’s the other day and we did what always do whenever we find ourselves at the mall: check out Booksale for great finds.  Often, we show each other books that we think are fantastic and discuss whether any volume should have a space in our bookshelves at home. During one of these discussions the other day, I chanced upon a beautifully bound book, The Great Chiefs. Upon seeing the cover, the boyfriend suggested that I do a project combining watercolor painting, papercutting, and calligraphy. I said yes immediately, despite having no idea how to go about it.

On our way home (with no new book under our name), he further suggested that I do Noli Me Tangere and feature Maria Clara on the cover. I loved the idea and for the last 12 hours, I’ve been busy sketching, painting, and cutting.

Here was the initial sketch:

Finalizing Maria Clara:

I finished painting at around 2AM.


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DIY giant meter stick

Late last year, we had shelves made for fairs/bazaars. We did the painting and finishing ourselves, after which we ended up with two 48″ x 6.5″ boards.

One of them became this giant meter stick:

I have photos below of the DIY process. Aside from the wood plank, I used paint (mustard, gray), wood glue, 4 drawer knobs, masking or painter’s tape, and clear lacquer spray.


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