a skirt-y tale

Once upon a time (read: last month), I stumbled upon a gorgeous floral fabric at Metro Ayala. It was cotton and it cost only P35 per meter. That’s less than a dollar, FYI. Because nobody in their right mind would resist pretty and cheap cotton, I got a meter and proceeded to hack it to make myself another full skirt:

I used this full skirt with pocket pattern. Construction took me a coupe of hours. Unfortunately, when it was time to attach the waistband closure, I realized that I was out of hook-and-eye.

A 5-minute rummage through my button stash resulted in sewing magic. I saw this lone button that looked like it was made for the pretty fabric.

How awesome is that? If this isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

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tutorial: sleepy cat pocket

There is a noticeable lack of dressmaking in this house. What with shop production and orders, it looks like I have been making nothing but purses for months and months.  While I am more than ready to dive head first into making dresses again,  a voice in my head is telling me that I should take baby steps. Because 1) I have not decided what to make first and have been vacillating between dresses and skirts, 2) I may not have enough fabric for a nice dress (or skirt), 3) I feel like I should lose several pounds first before sewing something to wear, 4) I am not sure if I could finish sewing a dress (or skirt) with so many items to make for the shop, and 5) I have been questioning my twee taste in self-made dresses (and skirts).

Such drivel for an issue that should really not be an issue at all. I KNOW.

But I did take baby steps and yes, said steps took me right to the twee direction. *sigh*

The pocket is cute, though, so no regrets. And I provided a tutorial and free pattern so I hope you forgive the drama above.


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zazzle and the story of the product tags

When we included apparel in the Thimblecap line, the need for new product tags arose. The ones we use on purses are on the small side; they looked a bit off hanging from the shirts and printed tote bags.

Thank goodness for Zazzle. Zazzle has products that are perfect for handmade sellers looking to improve their approach to packaging. Their sticker labels come in different sizes. They offer post-its, too, for thoughtful sellers who like to write notes to their lovey customers. I was quite taken with their postage stamps but I don’t really have use for them.

The tags I had made are actually business cards. The size, thickness, and the fact that they can be printed on both sides make the cards perfect for use as hang tags too.

The front contains my shop name and relevant websites. The back contains my thimble logo and a blank space for writing the price. The background is this fun pattern I made using my stamps.

Punched a tiny hole by the upper short side, tied with string, and attached to my products using safety pin.



Get to know Zazzle products HERE.

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