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this was wednesday

  • Woke up at 8:30AM after only 6 hours of sleep. Five if you deduct the hour I woke after a horrible dream and had to be talked back to sleep by the boyfriend.
  • Left the house at 9AM to get a haircut.
  • Came home at 9:45AM to cook and have breakfast.
  • Got ready and waited.
  • Received SMS that driver is ready for us at around 11:20AM.
  • Arrived at one of the local TV studios at around 12:30PM.
  • And at around 1:30PM, I made a fool of myself. Proof:




  •  Driven home at around 3:30PM and had very late lunch.
  • Switched AC on upon arriving home and passed out.

“Acting” is hard work, man.  I don’t have the right amount of gaiety for TV, I think.

The shirt I wore for the feature was our DIY or DIE design. We have posted it up on the SHOP, together with our new items.

The TV feature was for a couple of DIY projects, by the way. It was shown yesterday. I didn’t catch it because I don’t have the energy to process my lack of gaiety in front of the camera. Ha.


Let’s get bored, crafty, and social:
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DIY filigree rubber stamp

One of my many reasons for doing the daily stamp challenge was being able to print my own shirts. It was only several years ago that apparel with adorable tiny prints (e.g. swallows, cats, owls, etc) became trendy. As per usual, I wanted to catch the tail end of the bandwagon when I started to carve stamps.

But I was already almost halfway to the challenge when I finally made a stamp design that I was happy to print on a shirt. Here is that design:

This skull, by the way, is inspired by a Pottery Barn Halloween product. I was browsing their store when I chanced upon this pillow case:

Gorgeous, right? I made a similar lacy skull design on tracing paper. My version was smaller, of course, since my erasers measure only 3 x 1.25 inches.

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tutorial: simple pin cushion with rope base

Just came back from a somewhat impromptu trip with my sister to see our parents’ new house. We booked flights about a month ago but we weren’t sure that we’d be able to go because of the state of my sister’s uterus. She’s pregnant (I’m going to be an aunt!) and she needed to get a medical certificate a day before our flight.

While I recharge, check out this simple DIY. I made this rope base pin cushion after realizing that the one attached to my sewing machine was the reason why said machine has scratches and nicks. I didn’t know I was pushing the pins to the other side of the pin cushion, right to the pristine column of my new-ish machine. *sigh*

The full tutorial is over at Ecka & Pecka