free stamp pattern: valentine’s day tea (or coffee) for two

I don’t do holidays but I do use them as excuse for crafting adventures. Case in point: this Valentine’s Day stamp.

Won’t this be cute for a handmade Valentine’s Day card or note? Stamp on a piece of paper, scribble an invitation for a coffee or tea date, and send to your crush. Only a coldhearted human being could possibly say no to that. Or you know, somebody who’s already taken. That’s a possibility, too.

Check out the free pattern below:


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DIY giant meter stick

Late last year, we had shelves made for fairs/bazaars. We did the painting and finishing ourselves, after which we ended up with two 48″ x 6.5″ boards.

One of them became this giant meter stick:

I have photos below of the DIY process. Aside from the wood plank, I used paint (mustard, gray), wood glue, 4 drawer knobs, masking or painter’s tape, and clear lacquer spray.


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follow the paper plane

As predicted by my cats, I am stressing over the workshop. This is my first time. Can’t a girl wish for her first craft workshop to be perfect?

I have yet to draw visual aids for the event. However, I have accomplished a few things that will hopefully make getting to the café a lot easier. Case in point: stamps of landmarks leading to or near A Little Piece of Sky café.



The stamps above show our capitol building, the paper plane logo of the café, the logo of a local chicken place, and a slice of pizza! The latter represents a pizza place (duh) but I’ll have to note that said slice isn’t their logo. They don’t have one but I felt like carving a slice of pizza. So.

And here is the map!

workshop map copy

General guidelines for those who want to check out the cafe:

1. From Ayala, take the 06H jeepney at the terminal. Get off at 7-eleven (it’s in the same building as Calda Pizza, as shown on the map). Walk towards M. Veloso and you’ll find the cafe.

2. From SM, you can take a 06H jeepney as well. It will have the same route as the 06H jeepney from Ayala.

3. From somewhere in midtown, look for a 06B jeepney traveling along Jones avenue towards the capitol building. Ride one and get off at 7-eleven as well.

By the way, carving outlines (e.g. the plane and chicken stamps above) is one of the things I’ll cover at the workshop. You can sign up via the form below, if you’re interested. Thank you!


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