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tutorial: simple pin cushion with rope base

Just came back from a somewhat impromptu trip with my sister to see our parents’ new house. We booked flights about a month ago but we weren’t sure that we’d be able to go because of the state of my sister’s uterus. She’s pregnant (I’m going to be an aunt!) and she needed to get a medical certificate a day before our flight.

While I recharge, check out this simple DIY. I made this rope base pin cushion after realizing that the one attached to my sewing machine was the reason why said machine has scratches and nicks. I didn’t know I was pushing the pins to the other side of the pin cushion, right to the pristine column of my new-ish machine. *sigh*

The full tutorial is over at Ecka & Pecka

tutorial: DIY acoustic guitar bag

A few weeks ago, while thinking of items that I can add to my handmade shop just in time for Christmas, I considered going back to making things that made a lot of people smile (i.e. were bestsellers). Great example: the guitar bag.

While my lovely customers did love them, I wanted to do a different version. A product redesign, if you will. Recalling some feedback from said lovely customers, I thought about adding zipper to the bag.

And here is what I came up with:

And I wrote a tutorial for those who want to give this design a go. Enjoy!

To make a DIY acoustic guitar bag, you will need the following:


outer bag fabric (printed or plain, up to you/ my elephant fabric came from WholePort)


lining fabric

black fabric for the center circular section of the bag

maroon fabric for the scratchplate

black nylon webbing (3/4 inch in width) – you will need a 55-inch piece and a small 3-inch piece

adjuster set for your nylon strap

zipper (12″)

Trace your pattern onto the outer and lining guitar bag fabrics. Don’t forget allowance for all sides. For piece E you can choose to use the 3-inch nylon strap instead of fabric. Before we start construction, make sure that your interfacing is fused with the outer fabrics.

1. Cut a 5-inch section of the nylon webbing. Insert it into a rectangular ring, as pictured above. Insert the rest of the 55-inch nylon strap through the other side of the same ring. The upper section should be inserted into the adjuster and the other end through the middle of the same adjuster. Sew this end to secure.

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tutorial: DIY jewelry roll or case

And we’re back to our tutorial post schedule!

I hope.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to take care of this jewelry roll commission. The lovely lady who asked me to sew this said that she preferred this over a jewelry box . The latter screams “Hey, look at me! I have shiny things you can steal!” while a roll can be stashed with your clothes. I went: Huh. That’s clever.

So here’s what I came up with:

And I wrote a tutorial woot.

To make a DIY jewelry roll or case, you will need:

printed outer fabric (with interfacing) – 12 x 10 inches

plain inner fabric – 12 x 10 inches

printed fabric for pockets (see first photo below) – 2 pieces for each pockets and with allowance  on all sides

5 printed fabric strips (with interfacing) – 4 x 1 inch (with allowance on all sides)

2 zipped pocket fabric pieces – 4 x 9 inches each (with allowance on all sides)

middle flap fabrics (one plain and one printed) – 9 x 4 inches with allowance on all sides

5 automatic snap sets

8-inch zipper

satin ribbon – 20 inches

Allrighty, let’s get sewin’.

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