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free stamp pattern: valentine’s day tea (or coffee) for two

I don’t do holidays but I do use them as excuse for crafting adventures. Case in point: this Valentine’s Day stamp.

Won’t this be cute for a handmade Valentine’s Day card or note? Stamp on a piece of paper, scribble an invitation for a coffee or tea date, and send to your crush. Only a coldhearted human being could possibly say no to that. Or you know, somebody who’s already taken. That’s a possibility, too.

Check out the free pattern below:

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DIY giant meter stick

Late last year, we had shelves made for fairs/bazaars. We did the painting and finishing ourselves, after which we ended up with two 48″ x 6.5″ boards.

One of them became this giant meter stick:

I have photos below of the DIY process. Aside from the wood plank, I used paint (mustard, gray), wood glue, 4 drawer knobs, masking or painter’s tape, and clear lacquer spray.

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