cebu city craft guide: cebu hardware corporation

You know how I love things that are not what they seem? This fascination also encompasses establishments, apparently. Because my favorite craft supply store in the city is Cebu Hardware Corporation. And no, they’re not a hardware.

Cebu Hardware Corporation is where you go if you find yourself in need of jewelry-making supplies.

This store has been in my radar for about a dozen years. Which means that I was already a customer of the shop before they thought to utilize computers. I was still in college and going to this shop was always a special trip. Largely because I had to have company with me or I’d lose my way. And also because shopping at the store then was a more complicated process.

Obviously, computers own us all.

But back to the store.

LOCATION: 224 Manalili Street, Cebu / Contact Number: (032) 253 1422


HOW TO GET THERE: Manalili is a major street in downtown Cebu. There are many public utility jeepneys that pass along this street and the many streets near it. The major landmarks that you have to watch out for are Sen Hiap Hing (this is a very old building that practically everyone in the city can point to you) and the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Cebu Hardware is across BPI.

NOTES: Upon entering the store, get a priority number. This should be on the left counter, near the middle. While you wait for your turn, you may notice a strange smell. That is most likely resin, which the store also offers. If there is a particular jewelry finding you need, it helps to bring a photo with you. What I do is save a photo in my mobile phone and show it to the nice saleslady. They might not have the same exact thing but they’ll offer you similar items available in their store. 

Also, their items are typically packed in 10s or 20s. Buying in packs of hundreds will save you money, though. The store also offers products that may or may not be used for making jewelry. They have floral wires, airbrush machines, some bag hardware, drill bits, and other crafting tools.

Check out the rest of the Cebu City Craft Guide HERE.

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making light of a situation (a giveaway)

In this yellow house, we tackle projects by theme. We have just finished turning the living area into a workshop/studio. A couple of weeks ago, we worked on illumination.

This is not your average bottle lamp. This one lights up INSIDE the bottle via teeny LED bulbs.

Like so:

This, however, is your average tripod lamp. The base is an old tripod and the lamp shade parts were salvaged from an old side table lamp.

The tripod looks gorgeous. But the process for connecting the lamp kit to the tripod wasn’t a walk in the park. Ask the boyfriend. There were broken lamp thingies (let’s face it, I know nothing about these things) involved.


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cebu city craft guide: familia house

I woke up quite early yesterday. And before my lazy behind could protest, I stepped out of the house to go downtown and replenish my crafting supplies. I did everything without the help of coffee and was back in our house in less than an hour. Sometimes, I surprise myself.

Inspired by this unplanned shopping journey, I thought I’d do several posts on the best places to buy crafting materials here in my city. Hopefully, this will also answer some of the questions I often get about where to buy sewing or crafting supplies in Cebu.

But first, a few photos of downtown Cebu:

 photo dt1.jpg
 photo dt2.jpg

For today’s Cebu City craft guide, we head on over to Familia House. We start here because this is where I bought most of the supplies I needed yesterday.


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