there was no sitting on the iron throne for me, alas

… because

1. I was too shy to have my photo taken while there were other people waiting for their turn,

2. I was also busy manning our booth, and

3. I was gripped by nostalgia when I saw our old university lobby that I didn’t grab the chance to sit on the throne before the event started.

I did, however, take photos:

*sigh* so near, yet so far

awesome people in awesome costumes


weekend at the eskina

*eskina means corner in our dialect, FYI

The weekend bazaar offered me many things, but mainly, it gave me a taste of what it’s like selling during a non-Christmas season. It also gave me a tan. I am not complaining; cloudless skies is a good thing, especially for a bazaar happening outdoors. I am simply stating that my face is now a new shade of brown. It’s a blessing in disguise, really, because now I have even skin tone.

Here was my display during the first day:

I shared the booth with three other crafty ladies.

Mix & Match Handmade Accents by my college buddy Ann:

Papersandtschai journals and stationery by Tschai:

And oh-so-pretty washi tapes by She Crafts:

Meream, beer crates, and a beautiful tree trunk.

While the afternoons were unforgiving, the nights at the bazaar venue were lovely. Despite the loud music, that is.

This is where I say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who dropped by our booth of handmade goodies. Thank you to the organizers for the invitation. Thank you to the nice people who said that my items were cute or that they recognize me from TV or that they follow my blog/Facebook page/Instagram. You are all sorts of wonderful but I bet you already know that.

See you at the next bazaar! You may also check out my online shop, THIMBLECAP or grab some of my items at The Chillage here in Cebu.

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this is not your average handmade book purse

And by that,  I mean it’s not made of an actual book. I’m sure you know what I’m referring to.

THIS book purse, however, is made of fabric and has a book design.

Inspiration came when I was trying to decide what to do with the leftover fabric from a recent jewelry organizer commission. I wanted to create another purse design that would somehow fall under “everyday things.” I like to sew purses of non-purse things, you see.

*will talk more about the clapper board purse in another post


DIY rubber stamps I

My name is Meream. You may call me One Who Hoards Erasers.

I am back to carving a stamp a day hurray!

I have missed the calmness and purpose that come with drawing using a sharp blade. And if there are two things that I need most this year, it would have to be calmness and purpose.  Here’s to hoping that I come out of this with the knowledge of my life’s grand design and with an unwavering peace of mind.

And if that’s impossible, at least I am hoping to be a master at wielding an X-Acto knife. That should be a useful skill.


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