botanical watercolor workshop at mandaue foam

So all my watercolor shenanigans have resulted in me teaching others how to… er… conduct their own watercolor shenanigans. About a month or so ago, I received an SMS from the lady who owned the restaurant where I had my very first stamp-carving craft workshop. She asked me if I was willing to hold another DIY class in behalf of their client, Mandaue Foam. I said yes and because there were some interest about some of my watercolor pieces on Instagram, we decided on a watercolor workshop.


What I’m trying to say with that incredibly boring introduction is that I had a lot of fun teaching. Hands down, one of my favorite workshops. It helped that Mandaue Foam was all sorts of fantastic as far as hosting went. They provided snacks. The venue (their H. Cortest branch) had great light. And they provided great freebies with the kit.

Here are photos from the workshop:

Handbook front and back covers


Workshop area


Making friends
Workshop kit, with the free vintage-y frame from Mandaue Foam
Getting ready to paint
More exercises
Painting their final pieces

Will update this post once I have the photos from Mandaue Foam. Thanks to my participants for joining! Hope you had a great time. And thanks to Princess and Patty for having me!

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doodles to dolls

Around the middle of May, I received a message on Facebook about making a set of dolls based on a kid’s drawing. I said YES right away. Little did I know that it was a project that will make me question everything I know about life.

*aherm* Dramatic Meream is dramatic.

The dolls, I was told, were a going-away gift for a Dad who was leaving the country for employment. This was one of the main reasons I said yes. Another was that I realized that it’s been so long since I made softies. Since the artist (the little girl of the 3-person family) often draws using only pencils and outlines, we decided to stick to a single color and running stitch design.


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