doodles to dolls

Around the middle of May, I received a message on Facebook about making a set of dolls based on a kid’s drawing. I said YES right away. Little did I know that it was a project that will make me question everything I know about life.

*aherm* Dramatic Meream is dramatic.

The dolls, I was told, were a going-away gift for a Dad who was leaving the country for employment. This was one of the main reasons I said yes. Another was that I realized that it’s been so long since I made softies. Since the artist (the little girl of the 3-person family) often draws using only pencils and outlines, we decided to stick to a single color and running stitch design.


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diy screen printed tags

I have always wanted my handmade items to showcase a tag of my brand.  I had embroidered tags sewn to the lining of purses, sure, but I also wanted something that could be showcased  outside each purse. This was a goal that took a long time to come to fruition, alas. This was due to several factors, including:

1. I didn’t want the tag to show the brand name, THIMBLECAP. That’s just a tad too long for a purse.

2. I wanted the tag on cotton. No company in our city offers tag embroidery on cotton ribbon or similar material.

3. Embroidered tags cost a pretty penny.

4. We asked a printer friend how much they’d charge for printing logo tags for us. They never gave us a number and we got tired making inquiries.

So we went the DIY route:


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