oh, this laziness!

I so want to make a lot of things. This desire (at three in the afternoon) does not reflect my drive to actually make things when I arrive home at 6 in the evening. Last night, for instance, I wanted to:

1) make another book bag,

2) reconstruct a brown blouse I bought off eBay,

3) take pictures of my book thongs,

4) make a pillow out of an old sweater since I now have stuffing,

and 5) sew wristlets.

I started on the brown blouse but I didn’t finish it. I went downstairs, watched f.r.i.e.n.d.s., ate pancit canton, hard-boiled egg, and French toast. In other words, I was unproductive and getting fat.


Look at this:

 Isn’t this the cutest doll? This was made by haasbroek. It actually won a Softie Award! It’s awesome and I am inspired.

Why is this day moving so slow?

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