how to make hair pin and pearl earrings

Over the long weekend, I made these:


Action shot (forgive the yucky factor, i.e. my face):





You will need:

- 4 fake pearls

- 2 hairpins

- 2 small silver rings

- 2 silver dangling earring thingy (yes, i suck at the terminology.)

- mighty bond

1) Position pearls along the hairpin.

2) Glue.

3) Use metal ring to attach the hairpin to the silver earring piece.

DONE and wear them earrings with pride. :)

7 thoughts on “how to make hair pin and pearl earrings

  1. the silver dangily earring thingos are called “shepards hook” earrings.
    i think.
    way cool earrings tho.

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  3. hello!! from Argentina! very very nice!! soy muy mala con el ingles,espero me entiendas, sos muy creativa ,te felicito!!

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