how to make a god's eye

Last week, I posted two of  my God’s Eyes. Detail pic:


Now, you can make one so that you’d have a way to invite spirits into your home.

Materials: Sticks (I used sticks of a sushi pad), yarns of different colors, superglue.

1) Make 2 crosses. These are labeled Cross A and Cross B in the illustrations (A).

2) Loop yarn around Cross A, like you would when making regular 4-pointed God’s Eye. My yarn color for Cross A is green. Here is the direction of your yarn: Knot the end of your yarn to the center of your cross. Loop it OVER, then UNDER 1, then bring it OVER, and UNDER 3A. Do the same thing until you cover all points of your cross. Loop over and over again until your yarn already has the thickness that you like. GLUE THE END OF THE YARN TO THE STICK WHEN YOU FINISH LOOPING. You can also tie a knot or twist to the next yarn but that would make the back of your God’s Eye bumpy.

3) Do the same to Cross B, but use a different yarn. For my God’s Eye, I used black. At this point, it would be wise to think of your color scheme. Obviously, mine is reminiscent of Marvin The Martian.

4) Put your Cross A over Cross B, with the centers meeting. Cross B has to be placed diagonally so that you’ll end up with an 8-pointed frame. (See Illustration B)

5) Now, loop your yarn from 1 to 1A, under Cross B. This will make your crosses stay together. Loop until the desired width. Do the same for 2 and 2A. Then, 3 and 3A. Then, 4 and 4A. The yarns for these steps have to be the same color. (See Illustration D for the detailed image of the yarn. They are numbered according to the steps I just mentioned.)

6) Loop yarn from 1 to 3A to 1A to 3, over and over again. (My direction is counter-clockwise.) Yarn has to go UNDER AND PASS sticks 4A, 2A, 4, and 2.

7) Loop yarn from 4A to 2A to 4 and to 2 over and over again. Yarn has to go UNDER AND PASS sticks 1, 3A, 1A and 3.

8) Repeat 6 and 7, using the colors you want. For the last layer, I finished the loop with black yarn. See Illustration D.

9) Repeat Step 5 for all points of the frame. I used two shades of green for my God’s Eye.

10) For the outer frame, loop yarn over all points of the frame. You can use different-colored yarns, or just one. It’s your choice.

11) To finish off your God’s Eye, you can attach trimmings, beads, etc. to the ends of the sticks.

Here are other designs that you can make. They’re all lovely.


19 thoughts on “how to make a god's eye

  1. Hi ~ in school I made a gods eye that was 6 points – like 3D – the normal 2 sticks crossed and then a 3rd stick coming out in the center opposite of those 2
    on both sides – I don’t know how to explain it.
    Anyway, do you have any kind of pattern for something like that?


  2. Hi. I love this craft but I am just learning. I’m having a little trouble making the points. They look sloppy for lack of a better word. What I mean by points, is step 5. Can you give me more instructions on how to perform that step or tips on how to make it look more clean when I do that. I also have one more question for ya. You know all the other designs, is there a book or how-to website on how to do those?? Or do you just do it by eye???

    Thank you SO MUCH!


  3. I really like the God’s eye you made, I think it is very beautiful, I would like to
    print this (how to make a God’s eye) I have some peacock feathers I would like to put in it, but I could not find a God’s eye I liked until I came across your,
    and I wanted to ask your permission instead of just printing with out asking.
    Incase I would get in trouble. you could contact me at this email addreess.
    Thank you.

  4. hi my name is ruby i was looking at your godeyes and it is filled with beauty i would like to know if you have any other designs for the reason that im teaching a class on god eyes and different ways on how to make them through creativity if you would plese send me some of your work i would be greatly appreciate them.
    thank you for your time
    ruby ann rodriguez

    p.s i hope to hear from you soon

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