how to attach zipper (bag with lining)

Lorelai and I have been very busy lately, making itty bitty things.

We made wristlets two nights ago and here is a tutorial. I’ll probably make more. I’ll give some to my Mom who asked me months ago to make her and her friends cosmetic bags. I’ll sell some in here, too.

IMG_4980.jpg picture by miwiyam

1. Materials.

a. Zipper

b. Strip (1″ x 12″) for handle.

c. Outer fabric of bag. 5″ x 7″. Do not forget allowance.

d. Lining. 5″ x 7″. Again, do not forget allowance.

IMG_4956.jpg picture by miwiyam

2. Lay out your lining (right side up), zipper (right side up) and outer fabric (wrong side up) on top of each other. IMG_4959.jpg picture by miwiyam

3. Pin and sew. IMG_4960.jpg picture by miwiyam

4. Now, you will have something that looks like this: IMG_4962.jpg picture by miwiyam

5. Lay your other lining (right side up) under the other edge of your zipper (right side up). Put the other outer fabric on top, wrong side up. IMG_4964.jpg picture by miwiyam

6. Pin and sew. At this point, your bag will look like this: IMG_4965.jpg picture by miwiyam

7. Open the zipper halfway. IMG_4969.jpg picture by miwiyam

8. Bring the outer fabrics together, right sides kissing. Do the same to the lining. Your zipper would be in the middle. IMG_4970.jpg picture by miwiyam

9. Pin. Insert your handle near where your zipper opens. Insert it between the two outer fabrics, not the lining.IMG_4971.jpg picture by miwiyam

10. Sew. Leave a little area in the lining open, for turning your bag inside out. IMG_4973.jpg picture by miwiyam

11. Turn your bag inside out. Your bag will look like it has a reversed zipper. Do not worry. This is the reason you zipped it open in the first place. IMG_4974.jpg picture by miwiyam

12. Just turn it inside out again, pulling the outer fabric out. IMG_4975.jpg picture by miwiyam

13. Flatten your bag and voila! Now, do not forget to sew your lining shut. IMG_4977.jpg picture by miwiyam

14. Get crazy and embellish!

Here is mine: IMG_4979.jpg picture by miwiyam

Easy, huh? Happy sewing!

I believe I left a cup of yogurt in the freezer. Nyum nyum.

15 thoughts on “how to attach zipper (bag with lining)

  1. Wow! These bags, (and all your Ideas!) are so CUTE! I love all your tutorials, you are such an inspiration!! *runs off to find scraps and bedsheets and old jeans* ^^

  2. Thankyou so much, this really helped me with my textiles homework on how to attach a zip to a bag lol :D thanks again

  3. I absolutely love this tutorial and find myself coming back to it time and time again! I mentioned it in a post on my blog
    Thanks so much!

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