how to sew a guitar bag

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That’s right, I made my own fender guitar bag. Uzi has not seen it and hopefully, he’ll be delighted when he finally does, wherever he is in Manila.

Darn, I miss him.

Well, I made a tutorial for those crafting-inclined souls out there. HAPPY SEWING!  PLEASE DO NOT SELL ANY GUITAR BAG THAT YOU END UP MAKING. THANKS.

*UPDATE (Suggested by Renee heehee)

MATERIALS NEEDED: half a meter of thick fabric for the body (i used thick pink canvas for mine); fabric for the lining; fabric in contrasting color for the scratchplate; bias tape; silver-y fabric; buttons; silver thread; grosgrain for the strap; adjuster for the strap.

1. Print a guitar image onto an A4 paper. Trace your image; 2 for the body, 2 for lining, 2 for your scratchplate.

2.jpg picture by miwiyam 3.jpg picture by miwiyam

2. Out of silver-y fabric, cut and sew rectangle and tear-shaped pieces. The rectangle would be your whammy bar while the tear-shaped piece would serve as your input jack.

4.jpg picture by miwiyam

3. Take your scratchplate pieces, right sides together, and sew all the way around. Leave a 2-inch gap for turning inside out.

5.jpg picture by miwiyam

4. After this, clip all the way around so that the curves would be better-defined. Turn inside out and sew on top of the front body of your bag. Use the image you printed for the position of the scratchplate.

7.jpg picture by miwiyam

5. Now sew the whammy bar and the input jack. Take three strips of bias tape (or any fabric that matches the color of your scratchplate). Their length should be the same as your whammy bar. These strips would be your single-coil pickups. Position them according to the image and sew. Mark the parts of the scratchplate where the screws are. Embroider these with silver thread. Handsew circles on the strips you just added. Remember,these circles should be aligned.

10.jpg picture by miwiyam

6. Mark the volume and tone controls. Sew on buttons for these.

11.jpg picture by miwiyam

7. Now position your front and back pieces, right sides together. Sew from the highest points of the curved tops on both sides. Do the same to the lining, leaving a gap at the bottom. (If you want, you can add a pocket or two before doing this.)

15.jpg picture by miwiyam

8. Turn the outer body inside out and place it inside the lining. Sew the opening of your bag.

17.jpg picture by miwiyam

9. Pull out your outer body through the gap at the bottom of the lining.

18.jpg picture by miwiyam

10. Your bag is starting to take shape. Topstitch the top part.

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11. Attach one end of the strap with the rectangular ring for the adjuster. Sew the other end. Do not forget to sew the gap in your lining shut.

20.jpg picture by miwiyam


12. And you’re done!

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103 thoughts on “how to sew a guitar bag

  1. Actually if anyone sells them anyplace it should be Myam and she should sell them on where they will be appreciated and loved, unlike craigslist which is full of losers trying to sell stolen Sidekicks.

  2. I think the guy above is full of it. Probably doesnt even know how to “make the needle go up and down” on a sewing machine. Hes just being a jerk.
    On a lighter note I love this! You did an amazing job and should be super proud! I too have a tut posted (for my wallets Im selling.) If someone wants to make something bad enough they will find a way just like you and I did. You should sell these on Etsy, if mine doesn’t turn out Id definately go buy one from you!

  3. You rock! I love this bag — makes me wish I was a guitarist instead of a pianist, but I may just make myself one anyway!

  4. This bag is fantastic! It will make a perfect Valentine gift for my niece, a rocker wannabe who collects purses. Many thanks for sharing your tutorial!!

  5. Es increible este bolso. Se lo haré a mi hija de 12 años para que comience sus clases ¡con ritmo!
    Gracias por compartir tu creación.

  6. I think you left out the “materials you will need” list…it would be handy instead of trying to figure out based on the pictures what is needed for this bag…

    I am going to try it anyway, I have some scraps of vinyl and wearing a bad-as purse like this will totally flumux my friends perceptions of me as a stuck up prissy!

    Love The site…My roommate found it listed on “Whip Up”

    I see several things here I want to make…

  7. Thanks so much…went out to wally mart and bought some red rose fabric to line the black vinyl with…I’ll send you a pik..Though I am tweaking the design a bit..Sorry…

    Thanks a mil

  8. Tsktsk photobucket is trying to make me upgrade by shutting down my pics in my second account. I know for sure that I haven’t exceeded my bandwidth. So sorry for the trouble.

    Pics are up now. :)

  9. hi! I’m a friend of nashrin oco and i would like to know if you would take order of that guitar bag and/or that camera bag? How much just in case?

  10. Pingback: gracias «
  11. good job, creative & nicely done..
    but i just dont think i can made one for myself..huhuhu..i dont really good at sewing

    as jim always says…keep it work!!!

  12. Yam! You really shared your secret? hahaha..
    but no matter how i’d try to imagine that i could sew like this, di man gyud maporma, yam, oi..hahaha imagine pa lang gani! waaah…^_^

  13. cool!!! thank you so much for posting this! i’ve always wanted a guitar bag but i could never find one that wasn’t lame or was at a decent price……..but now i have an idea about how to go about making my own….heh i think you should now make a boom box bag!

  14. cool!!! thank you so much for posting this! i’ve always wanted a guitar bag but i could never find one that wasn’t lame or was at a decent price……..but now i have an idea about how to go about making my own….heh i think you should now make a boom box bag!

    hehe i actually saw someone over on make a boom box bag. it was cool :)

  15. Thats really good. Well done!! :D

    It has given me some ideas for my textile GCSE coursework. :)

    Thankyou!! :D

  16. This looks great =D

    I’d love to have a go making this. May I ask where you got your themplate? I can’t find one anywhere.

  17. Hi there, it’s so cool to find someone making things i’d actually like to have a go at making myself. I’m a rather ambitious beginner, as i keep seeing gorgeous clothes and not being able to afford them. I really like the designs at Namaste and Nomads, do you know where I could look to find similar patterns?

    Keep groovy, x

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