old tutorials week: old belt to bag holder

I was at the height of my online bag thrifting phase when I realized that I needed a bag holder to help me organize our little apartment better. I looked at an old wide belt with evil-crafty intent and made this.

To make this DIY bag holder, you will need:

Old wide belt with an elastic back

6 to 8 ribbon strips matching the color of your belt (measurement is 15″ long but can be longer if the handles of your bags are on the thick side)

One-Step Guide

Fold the ribbon in the middle and sew to the elastic of the belt. Do reverse sewing for durability. The distance between ribbons is entirely up to you but I suggest giving enough room for proper bag tying/removal.

Bag tying or removal, you wonder? Well, you hang your bag on the bag holder by tying the handles with a bow, like so:

And this is how the finished DIY bag holder will look like:

5 thoughts on “old tutorials week: old belt to bag holder

  1. Just read this again coz I think we need something for our bags. My sis and I have tons of bags in one big trash bag that’s totally crowding our place. We’ve run out of under-the-bed storage space so I was thinking we can hang this at the back of our big wardrobe. :)

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