how to make a portable hard drive case

I have realized that I could not be bothered to purchase a gadget unless someone offers to shoulder at least half of the price. Aside from my laptop, DSLR, and sewing machine, I did not pay for the full price (or for a part of the price) of my smartphone, monitor, and Wacom tablet. In other words, people (the boyfriend, mostly) think it’s a good idea to gift me with techie doo-dads. I’m not complaining. I understand it’s hard to buy me typical gifts, such as books and clothes and shoes, ‘coz I got too many of those.

So my latest acquisition is a Buffalo portable hard drive — partly paid for by my dad. (Thanks, Father, you’re awesome.) He recommended another brand but I had to  get this one because it’s white. And matches my netbook.

And I have this goal to keep it pretty as long as I can so I made a DIY case for it.

Here is a tutorial for the DIY portable hard drive case in case you’re interested:



Measure the length and width of your portable hard drive. Mine is the Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt. My pieces, lining included, measured 4″ x 6″

You will also need an external pocket for the USB wire. Length should be the same as the length of your case piece. Width is 2 inches.

Cut Velcro in tiny rectangular pieces.

Sewing the flap

1. Take the underside of your flap and sew one side of the Velcro pieces. They should be attached near the lower end of the flap. (Photo for this part was accidentally deleted. Booo.)

2. After attaching the Velcro pieces,  take the front part of your flap and attach to the underside, right sides together.

3. Sew all around, except the top part. Trim the corners and turn inside out.

4. Sew the sides to keep your flap flat.

Sewing the USB wire pocket

5. Fold one side of the USB pocket twice and sew.

6. Fold the other side once and attach to the upper portion of one part of your case.

7. Sew to the case.

Sewing the body of the case

8. Taking the Velcro placement on your flap as guide, attach the other sides of the Velcro to the part of the case with the USB pocket. Sew these particular Velcro pieces vertically.

9. Pin and sew the two sides of the case, wrong sides out. Turn inside out and set aside.

10. Pin and sew the two sides of the lining, wrong sides out. Leave allowance at the bottom for turning inside out.

11. Pin the flap to the back of the outer case.  The unsewn part should be attached to the opening of the case, right sides together. (Note: When you pin the flap, make sure that it will meet the other sides of the Velcro nicely when you flip it. Take into consideration the thickness of your fabric and portable HD.)

12. Insert the outer case into the lining. Sew along the lines, attaching the lining to the outer case.

13. Turn inside out by pulling the outer part through the lining allowance. Sew the allowance shut.

14. Flatten and you’re done!

More photos:

The best part, of course, is that it matches my DIY netbook sleeve:

23 thoughts on “how to make a portable hard drive case

  1. I dig!!! I need a portable hard drive, and I love having everything swathed in fabric, so it looks like I’ll be using this tut :)
    Love your fabrics, too!

    1. and I love having everything swathed in fabric

      Haha I know what you mean. I’ll cover the whole apartment in fabric if I could.

  2. I love your fabric selection.

    And ah, I love that you chose the hard drive to match you netbook…. haha, that’s priceless!

    1. And ah, I love that you chose the hard drive to match you netbook…. haha, that’s priceless!

      Hazards of being a girl? Haha

  3. wow, that cloth is beautiful? where did you buy it?

    thank you for this tutorial! i actually bought an external harddrive last week, so this entry came at the perfect time. :D

    1. wow, that cloth is beautiful? where did you buy it?

      I got this at a local department store. They don’t carry the design anymore, though :-/

    1. My BF buys me techie gifts too, but secretly I think he wants them…

      Haha! Boys are weird that way, I think.

  4. Ah, I don’t own a portable hard drive; but I LOVE this tutorial. The finished product is gorgeous – I adore the fabric you chose! Maybe I could attempt something similar to house my iPod? :)

  5. Hi there,

    I couldn´t resist to try this out :-) and it all worked fine and turned out great. Thanks for this great tutorial :-)
    If you have more Ideas let me know


  6. The fabric you chose is so pretty :) I want to do something like this for my external hard drive. How much do you think it cost you to make it?

    1. Not much, I reckon. I didn’t spend anything coz I already had the materials but this will not require a lot of fabric so you’ll not spend a lot. :)

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