My own guitar bag! Oh yeah, happy 2008.

actionshot.jpg picture by miwiyam

That’s right, I made my own fender guitar bag. Uzi has not seen it and hopefully, he’ll be delighted when he finally does, wherever he is in Manila.

Darn, I miss him.

Well, I made a tutorial for those crafting-inclined souls out there. HAPPY SEWING!  PLEASE DO NOT SELL ANY GUITAR BAG THAT YOU END UP MAKING. THANKS.

*UPDATE (Suggested by Renee heehee)

MATERIALS NEEDED: half a meter of thick fabric for the body (i used thick pink canvas for mine); fabric for the lining; fabric in contrasting color for the scratchplate; bias tape; silver-y fabric; buttons; silver thread; grosgrain for the strap; adjuster for the strap.

1. Print a guitar image onto an A4 paper. Trace your image; 2 for the body, 2 for lining, 2 for your scratchplate.

2.jpg picture by miwiyam 3.jpg picture by miwiyam

Read the rest of this tutorial HERE.

81 thoughts on “My own guitar bag! Oh yeah, happy 2008.

  1. da bag is very nice….im veeery much into music and would love to make one of those jux to brag infront of my friends…..heheh:P
    and as pink is my fav color ill make a copy of dat …..thx for the nice bag..hoping to seee more of those kinda stuff to make in my spare time….

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  3. Hey! This is the COOLEST bag ever! Thank you so much for sharing how to make it! I am definetly making one or two for gifts!! Thanks again!!

  4. love the bag!!! have made one for my man of course he loved it!!! gonna alter the idea a little for another one cause he has a one of a kind Nady wirless fire red so i want to replcate it on a bag…how fun thank you

    1. love the bag!!! have made one for my man of course he loved it!!! gonna alter the idea …

      That’s great! Boys, in general, love the guitar bag. My boyfriend has three, in fact. :D

  5. Cool :O thank u so much 4 the tutorial ♥ *hug*
    I’m just a new in sewing :/ I hope I can make 4 myself a nice guitar bag :D can’t wait to try..thanks again ♥

  6. Hey I think great minds think alike, I made one a year ago my son has 8 electric guitars and he has 2 fenders, I was moving them around his room one day and thought it would be good If I could make him some cases to put them in, then thinking about it I thought that a snazy guitar bag would look great.
    but looks just as nice in the pink :0)

  7. Hey,

    If you use the right materials like a strong canvas or something simlar like thick nylon then they should last you a while and you can make them quite Jazzy looking too, just give it a go what you got to lose oh and a good strong Zip for it too, most things can be made. :0) good luck with your project

  8. This is wonderful. I have a buddy who’s obsessed with the Beatles, and I think I might make her one of their guitars as a bag. :D thanks for sharing.

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