tutorial: ring holder

I knew there was a reason I have not been throwing those plastic thread spools away. I’ve just used them to make a DIY ring holder.

throw old stuff together to make your dresser more organized


You will need thread spools (only the base and must be smaller than your ring size), industrial glue, an old jar, fabric/paper.


I leave you with a wish that the DIY ring holder you make is classy and fab. Mine is bordering on tacky. I will probably re-design that one of these days. Perhaps something in all black or when I find a baroque-style wrapping paper in gold and black.

7 thoughts on “tutorial: ring holder

  1. I’m not big on rings, blame my small ring size for that but I think this is a great idea for kids craft, especially for mother’s day. It’s easy, safe and the kids can easily design the base.

  2. I love this idea! Don’t have any spools.. but the day I have, will use them definately. And do, do do it up baroque style. It looks cute now – but it will look awesome then. As always, lovely photos.


    keep creating!

  3. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous!!!! Would you believe that I thought of that use for plastic spools as well? I just couldn’t think of how to create a stable base. Love it

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