cursive correspondence

I seem to be drawn to items with cursive or script print/design, as proven by these purchases:

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: silver bangle watch - FabriCraft stick'n'peel fabric - Lecien fabrics

And look, more cursive goodies to love!

Natural Double Drawstring Co…


Pen Pal Bistro Napkin Set


The Ocean Is Made Of Drops N…


cursive correspondence … m…


3 Tiered Upcycled Vintage Ba…


ooohhh la la – french pins




Script – A Sweet Bamboo Pend…


Old World Decoupage Eggs sep…


French Script Hand Stamped T…


Silver etched diary pendant


Venice Waterway ITALY 8×10 F…


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Are you a fan of script and cursive prints, too? Some people can’t say no to polka dots and often, I can’t, too. But a French script type print is a major weakness for me.

Imagine this: one wall of your home library covered with cursive design wallpaper. The script writing, of course, is barely noticeable as it is printed in very pale brown over a white background. You will need to step close to soak in inspiration.  An E.E. Cummings poem here, a Shel Silverstein there, a Roethke right by the window. Imagine tracing your finger against a line or two from some century-old love letter as the light hits certain parts of the wall.  Romantic, right?

16 thoughts on “cursive correspondence

    1. i love to do my reading in the bathroom, i don’t know why so might do cursive decor in it…hehehe. :D make it a cozy room for just being me…am i weird?hehe.

      Not at all! Our bathroom faucet is full of books. Haha :D

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