Disclaimer: We have a small studio apartment and making a tree that stands on the ground is not exactly possible. And so I made a DIY tiny tree to match our tiny apartment.

To make this DIY rosette Christmas tree, you will need:

*matches (I apologize for the typo)



Sounds easy from these steps but making this DIY rosette Christmas tree takes time. After a while, staring at a candle flame can make you go crazy. I suggest giving yourself a couple of weeks to make this. Adding a pretty star or an angel on top will also be great for that added holiday feel.

I know, I know, it doesn’t look much from the photos but this DIY Christmas tree is pretty in person. I’d invite all of you to my place if I could to check it out. This tree can make you smile, really.

see? tiny!


1. Be careful touching the singed edge of your rosettes. Unless you’re Bobby Flay, the singed satin will hurt your pretty little fingers. (Segue: wouldn’t it be cool to watch a craft-related show with Bobby Flay, though?)

2. Use different colored rosettes!

3. A scented candle is ideal for this project. Inhaling fabric fumes is no fun, trust me.