tutorial: coffee filter pom poms

Disclaimer: This is a project inspired (nay, copied) by Su’s coffee filter hanging lamp. Isn’t hers pretty? Also, there are many other coffee filter tutorials out there and I bet most of them are more comprehensive than mine. HOWEVER, taking into consideration the materials I had to work with (i.e. I couldn’t find my styrofoam balls), my method works, too.

Backstory: Remember this post? One of the things included in the truck full of discarded things was a pack of coffee filters. The plastic packaging was opened but it looked like all 200 filters were still present. The boyfriend said that it was in the pantry together with a pack of chocolates 3 years past its expiration date. He thought that we could still use them. There was no way I was going to use filters from someone else’s pantry, though. Nope, not gonna happen.

And so we have this project…

You will need: coffee filters, sturdy cardboard, glue (hot glue would be best), and string


I made three. I call them our sleeping clouds.

21 thoughts on “tutorial: coffee filter pom poms

  1. I was thinking bout the whole dipping them in color thing too, you could just dip some of them in black and have a zebra type look, or what about doing the same with glue and glitter of course i wouldnt put them above my head at night with the whole glitter thing =D

  2. Love this, made it! so much less expensive than using styrofoam balls! Thank you so much, you made these affordable for me!


  3. I just pinned a tute that showed punching holes and using a brad to put them together. (make a half at a time.) I wasnt sure about punching all the holes to thread on the brad. My other concern was the size. I was hoping to make these about 18-20 in in diameter. I think your idea will work better. Thank you for sharing.

  4. To save a little “danger” at step 14, you could cut another cardboard base and simply make the second half the same way you made the first one, then glue your two finished halves together. It would save you the worry of smushing all your hard work on the first half!

  5. I am confused about what you mean by “reach the Center”. I am guessing you are stacking the filters. Also how many did you use? I am needing to make some of these, and these are great because styrofoam is expensive and I need to make a lot. Thanks for the great tute! They are so pretty.

    1. I am confused about what you mean by “reach the Center”.

      Yes, stacking until you cover the cardboard. Which, basically, you’re covering the cardboard “until the center.”
      Also, sorry but I don’t remember how many I used. Probably used up 3/4 of a 100-pack filter, not so sure, though. :)

  6. I’m very confused on step 14. What do you mean by flip pom pom and attach the root of the filters. I feel like I am missing a step? Can you elaborate?

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