hey, skorty!

This acquisition of items to wear seems to follow a pattern. I have noticed a few phases or general obsessions with certain styles, which in turn, led me to buy certain items. These days, my head is full of skorts. Specifically, the cullotes types that look a lot like skirts at first glance.

All thrifted:

approx. $2, $3, $4

These are incredibly comfortable. I can wear skirts all day but these are even better.

There’s a puddle in front of you and you need to jump over it? No problem! You need to bend over to pick an item from the bottom shelf? Don’t worry about showing your goods to the rest of the store because you won’t! There’s no other seat around but a chic-looking & low stool? Go ahead and sit. Your bottom might hike up an inch or two but you will not spend the whole time with your thighs uncomfortably glued to each other.


fell in love with the tag, too

this is linen and itches like crazy. still, i find this pair perfect

multi-faceted buttons for functional back pockets? yes and yes!

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