tutorial: how to make a miniature satchel

Wait, wha? Two craft tutorials for August? Well, this was too exciting not to share. So.

To make your DIY miniature satchel, you will need: faux leather, jump ring, silver headpin, pliers, matching thread, needle.



Et voilà!


1. Measure bigger than you estimate the DIY mini satchel to be. You might end up with a teeny-tiny bag when you turn it inside out.

2. Everything can be accomplished through hand-stitching.

3. You might want to glue the flap to the bag once you’re done.


More on the dollhouse later!

18 thoughts on “tutorial: how to make a miniature satchel

  1. So… I totally saw something similar to this at Miu Miu last week. When I was told that it cost £200, I walked away. Can I order one from you in a colored faux leather? :P By the way, I think it’s nice not only for dollhouses but to use as a coin/card purse for yourself… maybe slightly bigger :)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. Your little bag is fantastic. I’d love to see more tutorials for miniatures if you make them.
    I also loved your jeans tutorial. I have the same problem.
    Thanks and a hug, Drora

    1. I’d love to see more tutorials for miniatures if you make them.

      Yay, thanks! I’d definitely post more since now I know that there’s someone interested. Haha

  3. You never stated the size of the pieces or is that our own choice, you never said what kind of needle you use, I am a new sewer, so I need more instructions.

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