the alcott study II

I know, I know… You’re probably sick of my Alcott Study posts by now. But I promise that this is the last batch.

Thankyouloveyou! *hides in the bathroom with the cats*

Except for the furniture, everything in this room was handmade or repurposed. Those white pens on the desk, for instance, are plastic toothpicks. The elephant is a ceramic incense holder. The carpet is a plastic woven place mat. The window cushion is cardboard covered with fabric. Etc. etc.

That's a Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes book peeking from the main drawer.

Half-eaten apple on a plate (that is a button IRL).

A cozy spot for reading! And is that a fashion magazine? Why, yes, it is! Miniature Little Women and Adventures of Pinocchio books in the corner.

Books: Runny Babbit, Wuthering Heights, Kidnapped, The Velveteen Rabbit, Harry Potter (I & V), Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Tarzan and the rest of the Harry Potter books. The thickness of the HP books is true to scale (because I'm nuts).

Beads make for excellent miniature vases.

My favorite corner: Circus posters using circus stamps, "V for Vendetta" and "Winnie the Pooh" books on the floor.

It’s obvious. From the books on the floor to the whimsical circus posters on the wall to the utilization of a chair as side table. The owner of this room is a miniature version of me. I am not happy about the half-eaten apple on the desk (normal-sized me may be messy but I don’t leave perishable things just about anywhere) but there is no denying that this study screams “Meream.”

And you know what else screams “Meream?” The fact that I spent probably less than PhP50 to make this room. I bought the furniture early this year so those don’t count. Because I am a craft supply hoarder, everything else I needed was already at hand. The only things I bought specifically for this project are the lace tape and the place mat I used for the carpet. And I still have enough of those to use for other miniatures.

And oh, GO TO THIS LINK to get a printable .jpeg file of the book covers I used.

Some of them I copied off Google images but the rest are photographs of my own books. 

10 thoughts on “the alcott study II

  1. I’m kind of obsessed with this whole idea! You did an amazing job! I’ve wanted to work with miniatures for a long time, and this might be the kind of project I could really get into. Way to go!

  2. Your creation is beyond lovely! Have you seen “The Borrower Arrietty” ? This totally reminds me of that movie…and perhaps even Thumbelina. : ]

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