big girl toys + links

    • The teeny teapots (and pitchers?) finally joined their life-sized sisters on the shelves.
    • These are the two newest additions to my teapot collection. They’re pin cushions! De. Light. Ful.
    • Thanks for these, boyfriend.
    • Our new place is very near a wet market. For you non-Filipinos, that’s like a farmer’s market, but not as pretty. The market near us has one stall that sells fresh flowers. However, I wasn’t able to buy a bunch until a few days ago. Take note that we moved in late November. For almost two months, I kept wondering if some sort of magical edict that didn’t allow me to buy flowers was passed. That was the only explanation I could find for always finding the flower stall empty every time I passed by the market. Thankfully, a few days ago, said magical edict was lifted.
    • Staying true to our cozy cafe/kitschy-artsy theme, I displayed a part of my collection of secondhand children’s books near our dining table. I sewed short curtains for the house so the books somehow complete the dining area. Bonus: the covers are fun to look at while eating or having coffee.
    • Egg, the cat with the big ideas. Egg, the cat who is always up to something. Egg, the cat with the twirly tail. Egg, the cat who runs to me when she’s got no other furry creature to play with. Egg, the silliest in this house of silly cats.
– 0 –
    • My blog stats plugin was broken for several weeks. I was just about to give up obsessing about my page views when it healed itself. The first thing I noticed was THIS shoutout over at College Fashion. Color me flattered.
    • Recent genius DIY find: these tea light candle covers. I will be making these soon-ish.
    • Hair envy.
    • Drooled over Burberry Prorsum SS2012 runway photos I found over at Pop Culture, Fashion, & Magic. Also found the inspiration for my next tutorial: tabbed skirt!
    • THIS. How wonderful! I can taste the colors!

8 thoughts on “big girl toys + links

    1. Do you think Boyfriend would mind if I moved in? I can think of nothing more delightful while drinking coffee than staring at those book covers :)

      I’m sure he won’t mind; who needs boys, anyway? :p

    1. Love the books on the window. Wish to see your curtains too.

      The curtains are kinda too hard to photograph. White against a bright window… :D

  1. Aw, I love those pin-cushion tea pots! How cute! Good that you finally managed to get some flowers. I think they make a home come to life and always cheer me up. Wishing you a good end of week (not quite weekend yet ;-) ) xo

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