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  •  The destination was artsy-kitschy. And I think that we are almost there. Photos are of the living room.

  • We had shelves built for my books and knick-knacks.
  • Yes, I am a huge Dean Koontz fan.

  • I know what you must be thinking. You’re thinking, “You have that Keep Calm poster! Hahahaha! This IS kitschy!” Okay, stop laughing because that is not a poster. That is a cross-stitched piece that I made myself. So it’s NOT kitschy. Well… okay, it is but not in that poster kind of way. To which you might ask, “But wasn’t the destination kitschy, you said?” FIIIIINE. Leave me alone.
  • Funny story: A couple of weeks ago, while we were still painting the whole house, a neighbor peeked through the window and asked if we are transforming the place into a school. Ridiculous but, we realized, an understandable assumption considering he got a view of the books and that school paper painting the boyfriend did. But really, school? To think that I can’t stand kids (that I do not know).

 == 0 ==

  •  Lookee, yummy bling! I’m starting to really love gold-toned accessories.
  •  Krystal went on a holiday in Barcelona and rented this place. Gorgeous, gorgeous. The place reminds me that we need a dining table. And chairs.
  • New obsession: Downton Abbey
  • This is one of the boyfriend’s new designs. Most of the time, I get graphic when I try to give him feedback. I have been known to say “That looks disgustingly smelly” or “The colors remind me of some gastrointestinal situation of epic proportions.” These are positive reviews, by the way. With this particular design, though, I got nothing but “whoa”.
Thanks for the input about my curtain question. I’m trying to warm up to short curtains because we have 4 cats that love to hang from things. We’ll see, we’ll see.

8 thoughts on “big girl toys + links

  1. Ooohh, I love the way this is turning out – to me, the wall color is awesome and the artsy kitschy is working. Downtown Abbey eh? My sister has been trying to get me hooked on that, but I’ve yet to try watching it. Hmmm…..

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