tutorial: yet another bobbin holder

So remember when I made THIS? It’s one of my popular craft tutorials. It even got a mention on Craft (thanks!).

Well… I made another DIY bobbin holder. And yes, I have a tutorial, too. This time, I needed a bobbin holder that will adhere to the wall. Hopefully, this will keep my sewing table clutter-free.

Materials for making your DIY bobbin holder: 



1. I used tiny nails that were around 1-inch long.

2. Do not hammer your nail all the way to the other side of the French curve. As long as the nail doesn’t wobble, it’s good to go.

3. Your French curve might crack so be very careful.

4. I apologize for the photos; I get no natural light in my craft room.

5. The color of my room is much lighter in real life, closer to Pantone 3245.

3 thoughts on “tutorial: yet another bobbin holder

  1. great idea and just what i need! i always find myself out of bobbins with the proper thread color! i say that like i sew a lot.. teehee :( but, this did happen to me the other day which them promptly ended my mini sewing project. now i’ll have to wait until next month..(maybe).

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