team peeta

Did you know that I prefer Peeta over Gale? So… erm… TEAM PEETA!

Whew! I’ve always wanted to say that. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let me tell you how excited I am about the upcoming The Hunger Games movie. Seeing that we no longer have a Harry Potter film to look forward to and I can never get down on that Twilight *beep*, this film is making me believe in the magic of the silver screen again. In fact, The Hunger Games is one of the first films to be shown this year that I am very excited to see. March can’t come any sooner, I tell you.

Also, have you guys checked out Capitol Couture? It has all the Effie Trinket style goodness you can drown in; from the over the top makeup to the delectable fabrics of her equally over the top dresses. And in keeping with this couture love, I went ahead and made a Katniss-at-the-arena-inspired look. Combining AND watering down the typical costume-y and S&M style one would associate with Katniss’s fighting look, I came up with this:

real life look channeling coal+fire+arrow+mockingjay

Incidentally, I need red socks.


9 thoughts on “team peeta”

  1. I’m so excited for the movie, too!!! China Glaze has released Capitol Collection and holy beep I want all of them! I’m Team Peeta too ‘cos he said something about orange skies or sumfink, hehe.

    1. Can’t get down’ with that Twilight t*rd cr*p sh*t stuff? Perfect.

      Ha! Hello, I think I will like you ;)

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