I have been asked many times where I got my miniature stuff. Majority of those who make inquiries are from the Philippines, too. I tell them that I bought the miniature furniture and dollhouse kit from eBay USA. However, there are many aspects of my dollhouses that are made of non-mini items. With a bit of creativity, you can use just about anything in your house for your miniature dollhouse.

Here are non-mini items that are always useful:

1. Beads

I often use them for vases. And any dollhouse will always look more put-together with vases here and there. Beads are also great for faux light fixtures (light fauxtures?).

2. Paper Clips

Paper clips can come in handy for metallic details of your dollhouse. In the photo above, I used paper clips as brackets for the wall shelves. The black stand for the desk lamp is also a paper clip. Paper clips can also be great for chair or table legs, hanging planters, and chandeliers (just add beads).

3. Buttons

Turn your attention to the item on the left. That other thing is a cabochon base. Anyhoo, buttons are great photo frames. Just add a teeny picture (or item 4 below) and it will look nice hanging from a wall in your dollhouse. Smaller buttons can serve as plates, too. Just add miniature foodstuff on top to cover the holes and no one will be any the wiser.

4. Stickers

Or scrapbook papers. These have a multitude of uses. Wall art. Book and magazine covers. Wall details. Signages.

5. Place Mats

They make for great carpets and rugs.

So there you have some non-mini things you can repurpose for miniature projects. You don’t have to buy every little aspect of your dollhouse. If you live in the Philippines (or any other country with the most amazing mail delivery system), purchasing items for your dollhouse is one fast way to savings depletion. After all, creating your very own mini items is one of the best parts of making miniatures.

PS – This list is far from complete.