craft chain reaction: DIY popsicle stick chandelier

Creativity Tip: Find inspiration from the materials you used from your previous projects.

I have realized that this is the reason why I’ve been having a good DIY streak. From the doily mobile I made, I had rods left over. I then used these rods to make my jewelry organizer. From the ideas I came up with to make said organizer, I had leftover wood and embroidery hoops.

I didn’t use the hoops but I did make this:

Helping to prove my point: I used the extra popsible sticks I had from making the floor of my mini sewing room.

Pictures of my process, for those who want to take a gander at making something similar:

Before you layer, you will need to glue embroidery hoops inside two of the stick wheels. Do this to the medium and large stick wheels; glue the hoops near the bottom. You will also need to glue beams made of popsicle sticks. Please refer to the photo for the way I did this step.

Before you hang, you can also spray paint your chandelier. Mine is still in its natural state but I will most likely treat it with wood stain one of these days.


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18 thoughts on “craft chain reaction: DIY popsicle stick chandelier

  1. You are so creative! I do love this! Now, what I want to know is this . . . Are you going to paint it? Varnish it? Stain it? Or What?

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