Last year, I made a promise to post one DIY tutorial per month. Last month, I came up with 4 and published 2. This is one of the unpublished tutorials. Inspiration: these pretty DIY doily projects.


- paper doilies, round mirror, string, hot glue




1. I glued a doily donut on top of my mirror because it had an ugly plastic frame. You can choose to skip this step.

2. The mirror I used had a hook and I used it to hang the finished item. If yours doesn’t have a hook, you can glue a piece of round wood or even heavy board under your sunburst creation. Hang hook from this wooden base.

3. You can add as many layers of doily rays as you want. The length of one ray should be longer than the diameter of your mirror. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a flower mirror.

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