i’ve got another confession to make

(I’m your fool.)


The confession is that I buy cheap watches on eBay. I’m talking about brand new pieces from US stores (e.g. Kohl’s). They’re sold here for about $10 or so probably because they’re from several seasons ago. Purchasing these cheap watches is not my most sensible consumerist principle considering that they never last more than two years. But I don’t mind. Why? Because as soon as the battery of these watches conk out, I get to add “clocks” to my miniature stash.

You see, I have this plan to make a miniature room or store with walls covered in clocks.

And this was supposed to be that room/store: 

This room box is made of  popsicle sticks, an old frame, cardboard, and scrabble tile racks. I made the floor using the scrabble tile racks as foundation and then added the popscile sticks as flooring. I then glued the white plastic frame perpendicular to the floor. The back wall and ceiling are cardboard.

Structurally and aesthetically speaking, this looks like an acceptable clock store. With the ornate frame window display, Victorian wallpaper, and filigree-like chandelier, any merchant can sell clocks from this spot. The miniature drawer looks perfect in it, too.

Now you might wonder why I’m writing this as if I have already made other plans for this room. That’s because I have. I think. I was taking these photos and for no apparent reason, placed a miniature white swing in it. The boyfriend walks by and says, “That looks creepy.” Something clicked in my head and I began entertaining the the thought of turning this room box into a haunted room.


So right now, I’m leaning towards the haunted room idea. Besides, I still need a good number of eBay purchases to be able to achieve a wonderfully insane miniature clock store look.

Another confession: I love eBay shopping!

11 thoughts on “i’ve got another confession to make

  1. Hi, Meream! I don’t wear a watch, but I keep our old watches because I love wearing them as bracelets/cuffs. I love this room that you made. I wish this is a real room and I’d rent it from you so I can take lots of photos. The drawer looks so good and so real.

  2. Wo! That’s awesome, I thought that was a real room at first… can’t wait to see what you do with it. You could also make a little bag (clutch?) with all the watches. Also, I meant to link this for you. Don’t know where I found it but I thought the design aesthetic (wood/polish/paint) would appeal to you. I found them quite pretty..

    1. Don’t know where I found it but I thought the design aesthetic (wood/polish/paint) would appeal to you. I found them quite pretty..

      They’re gorgeous! Man, I wish I can make minis as elegant as those.

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