This is a supplementary tutorial for my next bag how-to. I figured I should make a separate post for attaching magnetic snaps in order to make the next tutorial manageable, length-wise.

What you need for attaching magnetic snaps:

Magnetic snaps (male, female, and washers) and pieces of interfacing (1 x .75 inch)

Before you attach the magnetic snaps, mark where you want them. Make sure that these marks are perfectly aligned.

1. Take an interfacing piece and pin it on top of one of your marks. Take one washer and trace the prong holes on this interface.

2. Make buttonholes along these prong marks. Cut the middle with a blade.


3. Insert one half of the magnetic snap through the buttonholes you made. Don’t forget the washer.

4. Bend the prongs outward using pliers.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other half of your magnetic snap.


PS -

1. Some tutorials will not require using an interfacing or making buttonholes. However, I find that my method gives me peace of mind as far as durability is concerned.