I’ve come to a point in my crafting life where I prepare materials for several projects but never actually finish anything. And when I say prepare, I am not talking about choosing fabric or drawing a pattern. I am talking about pre-singed rosette petals, pre-cut yoga mat bag pieces, and small cardboard pieces ready to be transformed into miniature books. I prepare these materials with no particular end result or deadline in mind. I cut, leave them about, and then cut some more. Due to this recent development, only about half of my craft room floor is visible.

And because I was feeling a little bit sorry for my floor, I decided to make something, anything.

I made a belt:

And here’s how I made it!

DIY Satin Rosette Belt Materials:

1 – satin strip, 2 inches x desired length. The length is completely up to you, but I suggest that you measure half of your waistline and add 2-3 inches to both ends. Don’t forget a 1/2-inch allowance for all sides.

1 – interfacing strip, 1 inch x desired length. No allowance.

A good number of oval-shaped satin pieces. 

2 ribbon strips, 20 inches long. Can be the same color as your satin fabric or in a complementary hue. 


1. Singe the circumference of the oval pieces. Be careful. Don’t burn your fingers. Don’t burn your house down.


2. Lay the interfacing on to the wrong side of your satin strip. Pin one side of the satin strip to the interfacing. Fold the allowance of the other side of the satin strip and then pin along the other side. Like so:

3. Sew or edge-stitch along the long sides of your strip.

4. Fold the ends to the inside and then insert the ribbon. Make sure that these end folds look flat and clean. Sew.

5. Mark the middle part of your belt. Simply fold the belt in half and keep in mind where the fold is. In the picture below, the middle part is where that spool of thread is pointing.

6. Take one oval piece. Fold in half. Fold in half for the second time. Hand sew this folded oval piece two inches from the middle section of your belt.

7. Continue adding folded oval pieces towards the side, not the middle section, until you have something like this:

8. Yay you’re done! Wear your belt with a ’50s style sundress or a pretty dress with a dropwaist. Beware of cats who may find the dangling ribbon by your back irresistible.



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