• Here is another fun fact about our country: we have beautiful beaches. Which basically means that we thrive on tourism. And charging tourists crazy amounts for souvenirs. Thankfully, my city started a program where tourists and locals alike can enjoy local products at their most reasonable prices.
  • I got this vintage-y wooden car from the last city-organized fair. Another dust-gatherer, you ask? Well, yes. I like having dust-gatherers that can help me with stylized craft shoots. Example:

  • This is a photo that accompanied the popsicle stick chandelier/shade tutorial that I submitted to Design*Sponge. It got featured yesterday!

  • Finally got around to making rosettes out of the pre-cut fabric petals I mentioned a few posts ago.

  • Some of the rosettes above will be sewn onto satin belts.
  • OR….

  • …be transformed into fascinators (for brides, flapper girls, and other headpiece-wearin’ sassy ladies).


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PS – Hello to those who have only stumbled upon this blog. And a big hug to my old blogfriends.