tutorial: miniature Belle’s bell jar

Ever since I made THIS REMARK, I found myself obsessing about making the floating rose cloche jar.

So here we are.

Belle’s Bell Jar materials and tools:

1. Circular base (coaster, wooden disc, etc). I used the circular floral base of pins.

2. Clear candle holder or glass.

3. Craft wire or floral wire, about two inches.

4. Small satin circles. Diameter: 1.25 inches and smaller.

5. Clear bead. Pearl bead.

6. Mini faux flower with stem removed. Or a miniature paper circle with a tiny hole in the center.

7. Super glue, pliers.


Take your satin pieces and pearl bead and make a rosette. Follow steps 1 to 3 HERE. You will want to make a layered look so that you’ll get a rosette that looks a lot like a mini rose.

1. Take the wire, fold in half, and twist onto itself. Bend the bottom 1/8-inch section for about 90°. Bend the top section as well.

2.  Insert the top bent section of the wire though the center hole of your mini faux flower or mini paper circle. Super glue in place.

3. Super glue this mini flower to the bottom of your satin rosette.

4. Glue the bottom bent section of the wire to the top of the clear bead. Then glue the bead to the center of the cloche jar base.

5. Cover with the glass candle holder.

Yay you’re done!


1. The clear bead is supposed to give you the impression that the rose is floating.

2. This could also work with a real rose — a flower that will wilt and die, giving you an authentic Beauty & the Beast bell jar.

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