all lit up

If there is one thing I regret about the miniature rooms that I have made so far, it’s not installing them with lights. There are light kits available online (not in my city, boo) but I never really considered buying them when I purchased my dollhouse furniture.

Until, of course, I started making the haunted mini room. Eerie lighting is an integral part of a haunted place, miniature or life size.  But since I couldn’t very well buy only lighting kits from other countries (shipping would be deadly, you see), I settled on finding decent LED tealight lamps here. The “legit” ones were pricey but one afternoon, while shopping for packaging materials downtown, we chanced upon cheaper versions of said lamps.

We got four and, the moment we got home, wasted about a couple of hours taking these photos:

Daylight photos HERE

Daylight photos HERE

Daylight photos HERE

These cheap LED tealight lamps are the types that change colors. While not very ideal for the miniature rooms above, they are perfect for the haunted mini room I’m trying to finish. Which leads me back to regretting not installing lights in these finished rooms and browsing lighting kits online with longing.


3 thoughts on “all lit up

  1. That was great fun. Glad you thought of this! Could you use little battery operated flashlights for ‘regular’ lights somehow? There has to be an inexpensive way.
    It’d be too risky to use REAL candles, for lighting, like small birthday candles. Miniature oil lamps? : )

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