tutorial: simple DIY two-layer doily garland

I have mentioned here more than a couple of times that I will be joining my first bazaar early next month. Which means that I have been very busy sewing. And sewing some more. And thinking of creative ways to make my display booth stand out.

While doing some research on clever booth displays, I realized that a good garland is essential. So I made a one, a sample of some sorts. A BETA bazaar garland, if you will. And because I took photos, I have a tutorial.

1. Materials: Paper doilies in various sizes. Scissor. Double-sided tape (segue: I remember the first time I discovered double-sided tape; I was ecstatic. For my grade school imagination, it opened up limitless opportunities for crafting). Ribbon or string.

2. Cut the inner circles of your paper doilies. We will only use the lacy border.

3. My circles. The tiniest ones you see are actually the inner lacy-like sections of the medium doilies. I decided to use them for this project.

4. Fold your lace circles as shown in the photo.

5. Cut tiny bits of your double-sided tape and place on the inner fold of each lace circle. Remove the backing…

6. With the string or ribbon positioned on top of the tape, inside the fold, fold over your lace circle.

7. On to the next lace circle.

8. Continue until you finish your garland. The order I followed was small, medium, large, medium, tiny, and tiny again, and so on.

Of course, you can also do a single-size two-layer doily garland:

Easy, right? I reckon this will also look great as a snowy Christmas garland.


5 thoughts on “tutorial: simple DIY two-layer doily garland

  1. Aside from the pretty lace garland, I am even more distracted by the backdrop in the first and the last photo. Just looking at your blog photos, I think your house is really adorable. (I’m sorry if it’s a bit off-topic) :))

  2. I love this, great idea! We are doing our first fair next weekend so also looking for way to make our stall stand out. Would love it if you would follow us x

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