wander into drea’s enchanted craftsy world

Today, we get to know another lovely and creative Pinoy crafter, Andrea Dela Cruz. Confession: I have always loved the name Andrea. Confession II: I think Andrea Dela Cruz is all sorts of adorable.

Name: Drea

What do you make?
Handpainted sparkly stickers and illustrations of this mythical creature I call a ‘merbird’–half-bird, half-fish. I’m also studying pottery, and I make ceramic nature-inspired pendants and various ceramic thingamajigs. I used to make fascinators and wire jewelry as well. I’m interested in trying out all the craft-related activitiesout there, to see if I love a particular activity/process. This is how I discovered that I am pleasantly challenged with calligraphy, and how I don’t have the patience and skills needed for knitting, heh.

Favorite craft tool?
I’m in love right now with my calligraphy pens. I also adore my multi-purpose X-acto knife.

Favorite craft supplies to buy or hoard:
Blank index cards, coloring materials like watercolor paint and watercolor pencils, pens and markers, washi tape. I go crazy inside craft stores!

Favorite local craft stores:
Carolina’s Lace Shoppe, National bookstore and Wellmanson

Project you’re most proud of:
My pottery bowls. Learning pottery has always been in my bucket list, and I was so excited when I was finally able to learn about it, and try the wheel. It was harder than it looked! Some of the clay for bowls ended up as pendants instead because of failed initial attempts, haha. It really takes a certain amount of perseverance and discipline, and I was ecstatic when I was finally able to finish my first bowl.

Music you listen to while crafting:
The Weepies, Stars, Jinja Safari, Sarah Harmer, Club 8

Crafts that you cannot wait to learn:
I want to learn more about making glass sculptures or sculpting in general.

Isn’t she a delight? Check out Drea’s blog HERE.

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