tutorial: DIY mini doily christmas trees

It’s not too late for another Christmas project, right? I say no.

For this last-minute holiday decor DIY, we will make mini Christmas trees using doily. Yes, I am still crafting with doilies. Because donchaknow? This is the year of the Great Doily Craftventures.

Before we move to the tutorial, let me share how this tree came about. Behold, an update from my Facebook account:

The sentences in my local dialect, loosely translated, state: So, can you drink this, Meream? Sheesh. 

But that tiny tree looked so cute on our coffee table so I ended up making a couple more. And taking photos of the process.

1. To make a DIY doily mini Christmas tree, you will need toilet paper rolls, lots of doilies (small and cut into 4 parts), masking tape, double-sided tape, glue gun, scissors, and beads/buttons/lace for embellishment.

2. Take a TP roll and cut along one side.

3. Form a cone and cut the bottom to get an upright tree base.

4. Cover the bottom of the cone with masking tape.

5. Now we make the doily cones. Attach a small piece of double-sided tape to one side of one doily part.

6. Form a cone and secure using the tape. Make lots of cones.

7. Start adhering them to your TP roll cone, starting from the bottom. You can use more double-sided tape here or your trusty glue gun.

8. Glue or tape more doily cones, making sure that you cover the sections of the TP roll cone that are exposed. Two layers should be enough for these small trees.

9. Take one doily part and cut the lacy section. You might need two or more.

10. Put double sided tape around the tip of your tree and attach the lacy section you just cut. Don’t worry, these lacy parts don’t have to be properly aligned. Everything will look smooth in the end; doilies are forgiving that way.

11. Glue gun beads, buttons, tiny shells, or lace to the top of your tree.



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9 thoughts on “tutorial: DIY mini doily christmas trees

  1. Very cute! And finally I can get use of all the toilet paper rolls I’ve been collecting, just because I knew that one fine day I would stumble upon a DIY where they would come in handy.

  2. I remember seeing a sneak peak of these beauties on Instagram. I’m so glad you did a tutorial!

    It better not be too late for Christmas DIY’s, because I’m still working on some… lol! ;)

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