the perks of dating an indie clothing line artist/owner

1. Free shirts. DUH.

2. Creative outlet. The boyfriend decided to go the green way by providing paper bags for the shirts. But because we love DIY (and are both freelancers who can get rather bored AND crafty at random times of the day), we screen printed the paper bags ourselves.

It was backbreaking but rewarding work. And this leads me to the 3rd perk of dating an indie clothing artist…

3. Miscellaneous Freebies. Before we printed the paper bags, the boyfriend practiced on fabric. Specifically, on canvas that I purposely offered to him so that I can turn said canvas into a bag.

… which I actually ended up using as a pocket for a bag. Because I change my mind faster than you can say Black Bile*.

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5 thoughts on “the perks of dating an indie clothing line artist/owner

  1. I have read before that using paper bags as a “greener” option is actually a misconception. While paper bags are biodegradable, it actually takes more energy to make a paper bag than to make a plastic bag. And you can only reuse it while it’s sturdy and un-crumpled. A more eco-friendly option is to use eco-bags or reusable, washable bags.

    1. Makes sense. Typically, the plastic used for packaging shirts are not visually appealing and are not exactly reusable since they’re flimsy and tiny. We needed a cheap brand packaging (can’t exactly afford to have eco-bags made), so we went with the paper bags. :)

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