rainy day musings

I think this is the first truly sunny day of the year in my city. My skin is no longer dry and itchy. And the neighborhood kids are currently in a shouting match right outside our gate. Yep, it’s a sunny day, alright.

A sunny day perfect for showing you what I’ve been making:

I call these Rainy Day Musings. If you remember from my last rain cloud mobile post, I was a wee bit confused as to where to take this idea further. Or make it my own, if you will. Inspiration hit me when I brought home a set of fabric napkins with teapot prints (see first photo). The original plan was to turn said table napkins into a tote bag but the rainy weather steered my brain back to the mobile. And so these were born.

They are called Rainy Day Musings because their fabrics depict things that one will find perfect to do on a rainy day (e.g. have tea, read old love letters, bake, and dream about living in Paris).

I shall be posting a tutorial for this on the Ecka & Pecka blog as soon as I get a new bag of stuffing. The mobiles above will be posted on my online shop, though. Details to follow.

10 thoughts on “rainy day musings

  1. So you are very lucky, here in Paris we are waiting for a big snow down in the afternoon until tomorrow.. the sky is almost white and it’s cold… and very dry skin too!!
    Those clouds you made look very good and comfortable cushions ;)

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