mixed and battered

There are only two types of dessert I make decently. That would be brownies (from a box, of course) and mango float. While I don’t have a decent oven, I am proud to say that I am head over heels in love with my mixing bowl. Don’t you just love functional stainless steel items that also happen to have a fantastic silhouette? Yes, everything boils down to silhouette.

Photo from THIS POST.

Functional and beautiful my mixing bowl may be, I still find myself crushing over other bowls. I especially find the following quite fetching:

My favorite is the Honeycomb Batter Bowl. It looks a lot like the mixing bowl I got for my sister for… wait for it… P35. That’s less than a dollar, ladies and gents.

To my baking friends, what other (easy) recipes do you think I should try next? I’m open to suggestions (and challenges?)!

12 thoughts on “mixed and battered

  1. 4 and 5 have me drooling… though the honeycomb one is beautiful too. There’s a great easy (and low fat) cheesecake-in-a-hurry I like to make: bashed up digestive biscuits for a base, then equal parts 0% fat cream cheese and greek yoghurt, mixed with vanilla essence and a bit of sugar. Pour that over the biscuits. Chopped up fruit of your choice as a topping, mixed with a tiny bit of fruit jam to bind it. Voila! I put them in tumble glasses. They make for cute desserts. I’m going to blog this recipe at some point with proper pictures, sorry if I haven’t explained it very well!

  2. Love the honeycomb bowl! Kitchen bowls could be a collection that could take me over board…Anyway, I don’t bake, but I have a few buttons that you could add to your collection with a brownie trade…

  3. Cute bowls! This reminds me, I definitely need more bowls. I only have two, stainless bowls. One’s batya-sized and another pretty large one.

    As for recipes, try Alice Meidrich’s Best Cocoa Brownies and America’s Test Kitchen’s Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Doesn’t require a mixer and difficult to mess up.

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