Today’s DIY is a continuation of this series:

It is also inspired by THESE West Elm products.  I call these Rocking Poultry.

The childhood toys used in making these rocking cuties are plastic farm animals. There are perhaps a gazillion DIYs involving plastic animals; here I am, adding another.

Other materials that you will need to make these DIY rocking plastic animals are embroidery hoop (6-inch diameter for small plastic animals), paper clips, spray paint (I used gold), cutter or craft knife, sand paper, hot glue, and industrial glue (E6000).

1. Cut a rocking base from your embroidery hoop. Mine was roughly 2 inches long.

2. Round the corners and smooth out with sand paper.

3. Remove the legs of your poultry. Or birds if you’re using them.

4. Take a paper clip and cut a section for your legs. From the photo above, you will cut the section where my gnarly pliers lie. So basically, you will cut a paper clip triangle, minus the base.

5. Make a groove on your plastic animal’s tummy area using a cutter or a craft knife. Make this deep enough to fit the curved section of your paper clip legs.

6. Hot glue the paper clip legs to your plastic animal. Let dry.

7. Using the tips of your paper clip legs as reference, make marks on your rocking base.

8. Make tiny holes on your rocking base, following the marks you made. Make these 1/8 of an inch deep, if possible. These holes are for keeping the paper legs in place. Your rocking bird/chicken/goose/duck will not stand up properly otherwise.

9. Dab the leg ends in industrial glue and insert said legs to the holes. Let dry.

10. Take your rocking animals outside and spray paint. Let dry.

And you’re done!

These make for wonderful shelf fillers and dust-gatherers. Also, come Christmas, you can screw an eye bolt to the back of the animal and use them as ornaments.

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