Andrea gave me an award (my first for 2013 woot!) and now I have to provide 11 random facts about me and answer 11 questions (provided by Andrea).


1. I’ll start with what’s bothering me right this second: my itchy nose. My nose gets annoyingly itchy when it’s about to rain. Okay, the nose is not ALWAYS accurate. However, I am certain that there is a correlation between my itchy nose and the immediate occurrence of precipitation.

2. I have four cats: Snow, Ghost, Egg, and Chino. We also feed feral cats outside our flat. We have named them Kumare, Gwapo, and The Void (she is an all-black beauty).

This is Chino.

3. My days start with a cup of Kapeng Barako. And usually ends with a cup of chamomile tea.

4. My hair is straight when short but reaches frizzy/wavy territory past shoulder length. It grows fast, too, to my dismay.

5. We are a TV-free house. We haven’t had a TV set in 6 or so years. Which is why, when somebody mentions a local celebrity, my first question is always “S/He’s still alive?” I manage to watch only TV shows I like online.

6. These days, exercise comes in the form of playing “tag” and “hide and seek” with my cats. They’re a playful bunch.

7. I don’t enjoy dark chocolate. I love chocolates mixed with nuts or in baked goods, though.

8. I haven’t had soda in about 5 years.

9. I have a Totoro toy/memorabilia collection. We only buy ones from thrift shops, though.

10. Every day, I search “sewing” on Ebay Philippines.

11. I have a degree in Psychology from the University of the Philippines. I am running out of random facts.

The Drea Qs:

1. Most inspiring place in the metro? – Can I say my house? Ha! But really, I love it here. It is a place we have made our own and it’s where I love to create.

2. Who is your favorite local artist and why?Uzi Emperado. Because he’s wonderfully talented. And he’s my boyfriend. Heh.

3. Who is your favorite foreign artist and why?Amy Smyth. Mark Ryden. Norman Rockwell. Wotto. Joshua Belanger.

4. Dream craft skill — Woodworking!

5. Your craft goal this year — Re-open the online shop. Which I hope I can do some time this February.

6. Type of music you listen to while crafting — Anything and everything. Danger Doom. Louis Armstrong. Fight Club OST. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Led Zeppelin. Black Sabbath. Frank Sinatra. Daft Punk.

7. Favorite movie and book? – Amelie / I can’t answer the book question; I have too many! Current favorite though is the Dark Tower Series.

8. Favorite childhood activity related to arts/crafts? — I used to draw paper dolls on the inside covers of my books in kindergarten. Boy, did that get me into a lot of trouble.

9. Who are your craft idols?Lisa Lam. John and Sherry.

10. Favorite craft store locally — There is this bead shop in Cebu called, interestingly, Cebu Hardware. I am also a loyal customer of Progress Commercial, Familia House, and Curtains and Trims.

11. Describe your “craft area” at home, and share a photo if you like.