tutorial: DIY single stem rosette necklace

Once upon a time, there was a girl who worked from home (hint: the girl is me). One night, while she was in the middle of chasing deadlines, she decided to take a short break. But since her office is also her craft room, her break consisted of twiddling with some craft materials. The short break turned into a jewelry-making session. She waved to her work deadline goodbye and spent the rest of the night perfecting the jewelry idea that she thought of quite randomly. She lived happily ever after but her savings account didn’t.


Well, not really THE end because I have a tutorial here for that jewelry. Today, we make a single stem rosette necklace. There is something quite unyielding about the name, isn’t there? But let’s leave it.

Alright, to make a DIY single stem rosette necklace, you will need the following:

candle, craft glue, felt, satin circles, crochet yarn (green), chain, peal bead, jump rings, lobster clasp, 1 floral wire, large and small needles, black thread

 photo ssrt3.jpg

1. First, we make the rosette. Follow steps 1 to 3 of THIS TUTORIAL. Basically, you will singe the edges of your satin circles using the candle. Make sure that your satin circles are in varied sizes. Unlike the Christmas tree rosette, you will want to make more than 3 layers of singed satin circles.

2. Create your rosette.

3. Finish the rosette by sewing a bead to the center.

 photo ssrt4.jpg

4. Now we make the stem. Take your floral wire and bend and fold to form a stem. This is a freestylin’ move. Make sure that you include sections that branch out from the main stem.

5. The ends of your stem should form an “eye.”

6. Now we wrap the stem with the yarn. Start by holding one end of the yarn around half an inch from one “eye” end of the stem and then loop towards this end loosely.

7. But when you reach the “eye” end, wind the yarn tightly and then continue wrapping the stem back towards the center in a tighter manner. Make sure that you leave the “eye” end open.

 photo ssrt5.jpg

8. To wrap a branch, loop the yarn loosely towards the end of said branch…

9. …around the end section, wind the yarn tightly. Do this carefully so that your yarn will not come undone. To keep the yarn in place, wipe a bit of white glue. This will harden and become transparent and will prevent the yarn from coming loose.

10. Continue wrapping your yards towards the other end of the stem. To fasten the yarn, thread it to a large needle and pass said threaded needle under loops of yarn around the stem. Cut excess yarn.

 photo ssrt6.jpg

11. Now we attach the rosette to the stem. Cut a circle felt piece.

12. Sandwich your stem between the felt piece and the back of the rosette. Play with the placement of the rosette on the stem.

13. Attach the felt and stem to the rosette through hand sewing. Use a vertical hemming stitch.

14. Look, your stem just grew a flower.

 photo ssrt7.jpg

I don’t know why the photos above don’t have numbers.

15. Insert jump rings through both “eye” ends of your stem. Attach chains to these jump rings. This kind of necklace will work best if the single stem rosette part rests just below your collarbone. Adjust chain length accordingly.

16. Attach lobster lock.

And you’re done!

 photo ssrt9.jpg


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11 thoughts on “tutorial: DIY single stem rosette necklace

    1. Yes, you can use my tutorials! It would be fab :)
      Also, you can get the doilies at the supermarket, party supplies aisle :)

  1. K, so I’ve made lots of these rosette flowers. LOTS. Even made them into necklaces in one way or another. But never thought to make some kind of stem like this. Genius! Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad to have found your site!

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