tutorial: DIY corner tab flat pouch

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I had a very “pouchy” week. By which I mean that I have been sewing pouches.

 photo page5.jpg

And today, I shall attempt to teach you how to make one of these DIY corner tab pouches!

When I first started sewing these for the shop, I was actually truly considering making a tutorial post. But it wasn’t until I got my goodies from Wholeport that I got the right kick in the shin (read: motivation) to take photos of the process. I couldn’t help it, the fabric was just so goshdarn pretty!

By the ways, these are the fabrics I got:

 photo 03wholeport1.jpg

dotted lace (get it HERE) || postcard linen cotton blend (get it HERE)

 photo 03wholeport2.jpg

hot air balloon linen cotton blend (get it HERE)

 I chose the bottom one for this tutorial. The fact that I was able to gaze at the print while sewing and taking photos of the process was most definitely a bonus.

So, on to the pouch tutorial!

You will need: 

2 exterior pieces (the front should be printed and the back should be a plain neutral fabric) – 6″ x 8″ with 1/2″ allowance all around

2 lining pieces (mine were the same fabric as the back exterior) - 6″ x 8″ with 1/2″ allowance all around

2 right triangle pieces for the corner tabs (use the same fabric as the back exterior) – 3.5″ hypotenuse side and the legs should measure 2.5″ each; with 1/2″ allowance all around, too

an 8-inch zipper

 photo ctp1.jpg

Let’s get sewing!

 photo ctp2.jpg

1. Take your front exterior piece and mark where the tabs should be sewn. Along the stitchline on the wrong side, measure points 2.5″ from each corner. Mark with pins.

2. On the right side, lay down your corner tabs (hypotenuse side folded under) following your pin marks. Sew along the folded hypotenuse side.

 photo ctp3.jpg

3. Set your exterior front aside. Get your back lining (wrong side down) and layer with your zipper on top (wrong side down as well). Your zipper slider should be on the left side, as shown above.

4. Take the back exterior piece and lay on top of your zipper layer. This back exterior piece should have the right side down.

 photo ctp4.jpg

5. Attach your zipper foot to your sewing machine.

6. Sew the lining-zipper-back exterior layer that you pinned, following the stitchline.

 photo ctp5.jpg

7. Now flip the upper layer (back exterior piece) to the other side and flatten.

8. Sew, making your DIY pouch flat and pretty.

 photo ctp6.jpg

9. Now we sew the rest of your pouch. Pin the other side of the zipper (wrong side down) to the other lining piece (wrong side down).

10. Pin the front exterior (right side down). Sew and repeat steps 7 and 8 on your front exterior piece.

At this point, you will have a pouch that looks like this:

 photo ctp7.jpg

 photo ctp8.jpg

11. Open your zipper halfway. Rearrange your layers so that you will have the two exterior pieces facing each other’s right sides. The lining pieces, too.

12. Now pin your bag pieces, making sure that the zipper is perfectly aligned. You will also want to follow the stitchline of your front exterior piece strictly because of the corner tabs.

 photo ctp9.jpg

13. Sew the sides of your pouch, starting from the lining pieces, all the way around, until you reach the lining pieces again. Leave a 4-inch allowance along the bottom, though.

14. Trim the corners before you turn the pouch inside out.

15. Turn the pouch inside out, flatten what needs to be flattened, and sew the allowance shut.

 photo ctp10.jpg

You’re done, baby!

 photo page4.jpg


1. I think the pairing of utilitarian neutral colors with prints is what makes this corner tab pouch work. So choose your fabrics well.

2. You can go bigger or smaller. Just make sure that you adjust your corner tabs accordingly. 

3. I have several of these pouches listed on my SHOP. Multiply still has issues so if you can’t shop properly, you can opt to message me directly. Thanks!


Happy sewing!

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21 thoughts on “tutorial: DIY corner tab flat pouch

    1. These may just be a tad tight for the iPad Mini :-/ Also, these are not padded so they may not be safe for your gadget.

  1. Oh I love these, and I have the perfect fabrics for this!!!
    Are we allowed to sell things we make from your tutes? I couldn’t find anything that said one way or the other….

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial…love the little pouches…I especially like the ones with the added corner fabric.

  3. I always put little tabs on the ends of my zippers before installing the zipper. It turns out so much nicer. Now seeing your tute I am going to make a pouch with the bottom corner tabs and have the zipper tabs match. I think it will be very professional looking. (-;

  4. MEREAM, I LOVE your small zippered bags or “pouches” as you call them! Thanks for sharing your tutorial: EASY directions with 15 steps to cut & sew, zipper included as well as bottom corner tabs. Size is practical & I love your selection of unique prints! I plan to follow your instructions & sew a couple for birthday gifts for friends during the winter. I retired nearly 3 years ago, so I have plenty of free time . . . in between my crocheting hobby. Sarah in Minneapolis.

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