give me a z!

Okay, in case it’s not really clear, the letters above spell out ZOE & ANAIS.

I spent the better part of the week making these letters for the cutest little family this side of the planet. I’ve known the dad for years and over the weekend, at the Parkmall Fair, I met his beautiful wife and adorable daughters. Before the end of the fair, I got commissioned to craft letters for the little ladies’ room. Well, the original plan was to make all the letters of the alphabet but we were on a deadline.

So we went with the lovely names:

What a fun project! Even the boyfriend enjoyed his bit (he painted the button for the O). This was so fun I am even thinking of making more, just random letters that I’ll list on my shop or something. You know me, I’d take any excuse to play with a hot glue gun and fabrics with cute prints.

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