Remember when I turned a dress into a skirt? Also when I made this skirt? And this skirt, too? I have tutorials for all three projects. Two days ago, I combined all three ideas and came up with this:

[Inconsistent colors are brought to you by our crazy tropical monsoon weather.] 

This skirt used to be a drop waist dress with puffed sleeves. I got the dress for about $4 at a thrift store. I find myself picking up dotted items from racks at any thrift store; that is how I found this dress. When I saw that the hem had bird prints, I had to buy it. Another reason why it came home with me was I found the vintage-inspired cut adorable. There was something Jessica Day about it.

But when I fit it at home, it looked all sorts of wrong. The top was boxy and the elastic waistline was too low on me. I thought removing the elastic would solve the problem but nope, it still looked odd.

So I decided to make a skirt using the bottom section. I cut a part of the dress 16″ from the bottom:

Cut strips for the waistline using the upper section:

Shirred the waistline using long stitches:

Added zipper to one side seam:

And then attached the bottom to the interfaced waistline:

Because I love the birds so much, I fashioned a waistline tab using some of the scraps:

More photos of the incredibly beautiful print. Aherm, excuse the white chalk. I totally drew on the right side harhar.

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