The lovely people behind Katha Magazine is spearheading an online auction called Padayon. Padayon is a local word for “carry on.” Proceeds of the auction will go to Red Cross and for the relief and rehabilitation of the typhoon-ravaged regions of the country.

Here are the artists joining:

Katha was nice enough to include my last-minute contribution to the cause. I didn’t come out of my daze of worry until my parents were safely out of Tacloban (they are currently staying with my pregnant sister here in Cebu) so I wasn’t that aware of the many lovely art-related typhoon relief events happening.

Here are the items I pledged:

These are handmade Christmas village softies. Each set contains five unique houses and a Christmas tree. These bring to mind an image of home and community, two of the many things that the typhoon victims lost.

But your help can result in the re-establishment of shelter, safety, and hope for our brothers and sisters in Central Visayas. By bidding on one (or two or three) of the Padayon pledged items, you can help the survivors feel what it’s like to come home for the holidays once again.

Bid here: PADAYON

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