and then there was mat board

One of the creative geniuses I look up to in the miniature dollhouse world is Kris of 1 Inch Minis. Go ahead, take a look at her blog. I will wait.

Ridiculously talented, right? And oh, what an inspiration when it comes to miniature mat board dollhouse furniture and accessories.

I have been following her blog for a long time but it wasn’t until last month that I was able to buy mat board in my city. This wasn’t for lack of effort, I tell you. I asked several framing stores if they can sell me mat board but was always shooed out with pity. A couple of weeks ago, though, in one of our random trips to National Bookstore, I found myself at the arts & crafts section. I bent to look at some paintbrushes and right beside them were pre-packed mat boards.

The heavens opened and angels started singing.

Naturally, I got several packs. Came home and attempted to make miniature dollhouse furniture.

This is a simple coffee table. I’m not as patient as Kris so I pretty much just winged the process. This was my first attempt and I figured I’d just see how it goes.

Distressed details is brought to us by an old China bristle brush.

The flower vase is an oval bead, by the way. The books and magazines are stickers wrapped around cardboard pieces.

I loved playing with the mat board so much that I ended up making this mobile as well:

The boyfriend remarked that there is something very Edgar Allan Poe about the mobile. I’m tempted to call this House of Usher. Houses of Usher?


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4 thoughts on “and then there was mat board

  1. Hi Meream, saw you at the Bazaar last month. I’m just wondering, which branch of National Bookstore did you get the mat board from and how much? I’m also from Cebu and I’ve been looking for a store that sells mat boards. I want to build my own doll house! Thanks!

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