write a letter in your purse

You probably know by now that I can never resist a good snail mail inspired design. Anything vintage-like and distressed will immediately take up a special place in my heart. This probably explains why I live in a not-so-new house, loves to thrift shop, and have been consistently pining for a vintage Singer sewing machine.

This also explains why I had to make these postcard purses when I was given some snail mail design heat transfers:


When my lovely sponsor, WholePort, sent me these stamp and mail design heat transfer papers, I just about squealed. And they came with these doily heat transfers, too, and you know how I love them so.

The designs came in these forms. I cut each design that I wanted  to transfer, as you can see above, before ironing.

Here was my first print:

The transfers didn’t come with instructions, alas, but that’s not really a problem when there are tutorials for just about doing anything out there. I found the perfect step-by-step guide on YouTube and piled the following tips for future printing:

  1. Your iron should be in the hottest setting
  2. Fabric should be placed on a sturdy and hard surface; an ironing board is NOT recommended
  3. For smaller designs, iron onto fabric for at least 30 seconds
  4. Press hard on the design using your iron
  5. After 30 or so seconds, let cool for five minutes
  6. Peel by stretching your fabric diagonally
  7. Place fabric on top of print and iron some more for about 15 seconds
  8. Enjoy

For making the purses, I followed THIS TUTORIAL (minus the corner tabs and with added stitch line for postcard detailing).

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One thought on “write a letter in your purse

  1. So pretty! Are you going to sell them, too? I’m just wondering how you feel, selling your creations. Because I’m sure that if I manage to make something as pretty, I will definitely have a hard time letting them go! :D

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