DIY upcycled bazaar jewelry display

There are not that many bazaars in my city that cater to makers and crafters. Which would explain why I am joining only one this month. I am hoping that an increase in handmade appreciation will be more apparent next year (because dagnnabit, we have wonderful makers in Cebu).

For this one and only bazaar, I decided to take the display seriously. I am selling a good number of bracelets so I had to make a proper accessories display. Here is what I have:

This is an upcycled display. Its parts used to be cardboard rolls and decorative wooden shelf brackets. The cardboard rolls came from my adhesive fabrics. I glued them to the notches of the brackets using wood glue and painted the whole thing white (5 layers, if I remember correctly).

It looks “legit,” if I do say so myself.

View from the back:


Here are details about the bazaar:

See you there!


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